Nowadays, we are allย  connected by the World Wide Web. Sending a message takes about 0.1 sec and making an appointment is not an effort today. Letโ€™s find out what and when International Internet Safety Day in 2020 is.

So, I.S.D. is celebrated every year on the 11th of February. The invention made it possible to be in touch every time 24/7. We can contact our relatives and friends, we can send CV to the companies etc. We should emphasize its role in the society on this day. The Internet is a modern socio-technical system based on local networks that integrate computers and other diverse technical devices, various databases, users connecting to this distributed network and interacting interactively.

The net is attractive because the management of network resources here is absolutely decentralized – on its server or site, everyone is free to submit any information in any order, provided that it is technically compatible with the supported system and browsers, technical protocols.

National Internet Safety Day 2017

The only controls on the network belong to companies that issue conditional electronic addresses (in the form of verbal code (lv, ru, com, org, gov, etc.) – the real address is a numeric code and is assigned differently). However, the single reason why these organizations may refuse to issue an address can only be that it is already occupied. The address allocation service is either free of charge or costs about $100.

In the Western Internet, almost all companies have their own sites, the amount of commercial information and turnover of companies trading through the Network is growing exponentially. Indeed, at present, the Internet, which has long been transferred for scientific and civil use, is rapidly developing and becomes the main way of international communication between commercial firms, non-profit organizations, independent print and broadcast media and governments.

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Before talking about the whole issue letโ€™s find the roots of the origin, and find out what day World Internet Safety Day in 2020?

The first computer network was created at the request of the US Department of Defense in the late 1960s in order to preserve messages even in the event of the destruction of part of the network and to ensure fast data exchange between its nodes, the first e-mail program was developed. The next stage was the unification of various local computer networks, which used a variety of software tools and standards, and means to ensure their compatibility. It was the creation of an Internet working standard transmission control protocol that led to the birth of the Internet, and the basis for combining all available sources of information was the “World Wide Web” and a special program by which any user without special knowledge could easily switch from one site to another. It is after this that the actual development of the Internet on a worldwide scale begins, which is viewed today not simply as a technical tool used to a special ontological reality – cyberspace.

The turning point is 1989, the year when WWW appeared, and the communication and data transfer was simplified greatly. Shortly before this event (1986), the creation of a worldwide computer network โ€˜Internetโ€™ was announced officially. Not the least role was played by the creation of the US National Science Foundation of a core network for remote access from universities and scientific laboratories to six supercomputer centers, and in 1991, The ARPANET network as a whole ceased to exist.

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Mid-90’s. It was marked by the appearance of video conferences, which made it possible to use voice and gestures for the transmission of messages. At this time (1994), a language for describing multidimensional interactive models of VRML was developed and implemented.


What does National Internet Safety Day mean, you will ask. For an answer to this question we want you to get acquainted with an interesting fact.

This Day means that you should pay attention to any connections on Internet you have and make sure your data is in safety. Moreover, this day is organized to emphasize the role of World Wide Web and to remind you about its importance. Furthermore, itโ€™s a nice opportunity to make new friends and get crazy emotions because it is relatively easy to find people with similar interests and views of the world on the Internet or to find past acquaintances who, due to life circumstances, were scattered throughout the earth.


The Internet forms a global information space, serves as the physical basis for the World Wide Web (WWW) and many other data transmission systems. Considering what is the date of National Internet Safety Day 2020, we should say about many events that are held on this day in order to emphasize its role in the society. We should not let out of attention the fact that internet safety is probably the most important role in data exchange.

National Internet Safety Day

Millions of people use the Internet every day for various purposes. The most common application is e-mail (according to a survey conducted at the beginning of the year by the Stanford Institute for Quantitative Society Studies, 90% of respondents use mail), which has become especially important for citizens of the former Union republics, which establish connections with foreign residents. In addition, in times of crisis, the Internet has become a constant source of news and information, mainly because it can not be completely turned off.

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In addition, the Internet provides not only a huge amount of all kinds of information but also the ability to communicate in real time, using special programs. The advantages of such electronic communication are the destruction of distances, the possibility of a delayed response, the creation of communities of interest, and, if desired, complete anonymity and the creation of a legend, i.e. The possibility of “exist” in another physical and moral shell (although the advantage of the latter plus now is a broad discussion in society).


It will be strange, but the most famous tradition on this day is an Internet abstinence to let people understand the whole majesty of such advance. Having found out when is National Internet Safety Day in 2020, the calendar tells about another thing. This “network abstinence” by the evening will surely give one result: its participants will be convinced of how many opportunities the Internet gives us and after work, mentally or aloud, congratulate ourselves and friends on the Internet Day and Going out to the Net, send emoticons, greetings and kind words to all those who use this miracle of science and technology and are so used to it that they already can not imagine a life in which there is no Internet!

International Internet Safety Day Facts

  1. The highest percentage of Internet users is in Iceland, and the lowest is in North Korea.
  2. The most expensive thing sold on E-bay is a real jet plane. It was sold for $40 million.

So, we must appreciate such an exploration and use it in our way but donโ€™t forget to go out on time!


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