Lawyer’s Day of Ukraine

What day is it?

Lawyer’s Day of Ukraine it is customary to celebrate October 8. Although the holiday is considered a public holiday, the date on which it falls is not a holiday. This holiday applies to everyone who in one way or another is connected with legal activity. On this day, everyone welcomes lawyers, judges, advocates, prosecutors, legal advisers, notaries, investigators and other specialists working in the field of law. People whose task is to monitor the observance of the rights and freedoms of the citizens of our country, accept greetings from their friends, acquaintances, and work colleagues.

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How did the idea to celebrate Lawyer’s Day of Ukraine come about?

October 8 was not chosen by chance to celebrate Lawyer’s Day. Historians believe that in October 1016, Yaroslav the Wise faced Svyatopolk in battle, after which Yaroslav the Wise’s “Russian Truth” was written. “Ruska Pravda” absorbed all the most important issues of the legal relations of Russia and is considered a valuable legal document of Eastern Europe during the Middle Ages. The number 8 was obtained by adding the digits of the commemorative year: 1+0+1+6=8.

The decision to celebrate Lawyer’s Day in Ukraine was made on September 16, 1997 and approved by the Decree of the President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma “On Lawyer’s Day”, N 1022/97. The initiators of the holiday were: the Association of Advocates of Ukraine, the Association of Lawyers of Ukraine, the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. This tradition was borrowed from the West, where each profession has its own holiday.

When else can you congratulate lawyers?

In addition to the main holiday, there are several other holiday dates for employees of certain professions in the legal field. The day of St. Yves of Kermarten, who is considered the patron saint of lawyers and notaries, falls on May 19. Notaries celebrate their day on September 2, forensic medical experts on July 4, court employees on December 15, and prosecutors’ office employees receive congratulations on December 1.

Frequent Questions and answers on the Day of the Lawyer of Ukraine

Who is congratulated on Lawyer’s Day of Ukraine?

The culprit of the holiday is every employee employed in the legal field: employees of courts, notaries, lawyers and legal offices. Greetings are also accepted by people who have a legal education, but do not work in their profession. It should be noted that the lion’s share of law enforcement officers are also lawyers, so you can safely congratulate relatives or friends who are involved in work in internal affairs bodies, security services of Ukraine, etc. with the holiday.

What are the greetings for the lawyer’s day?

The greetings collected below can be used in an official and private address to the culprits of the holiday

Postcards and greetings for Lawyer’s Day

Happy Lawyer's Day  Greeting card - Cards for lawyers

Happy Lawyer's Day  Greeting card - Cards for lawyers

Greetings to lawyers  Greeting card - Cards for lawyers

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“Dear lawyers! Today is your holiday! Although it is still young, your profession appeared many centuries ago and is respected all over the world. Being a lawyer is an honor. Your work requires you to have extraordinary knowledge, skills and a lot of patience. Therefore, may success in the fight against injustice and in defending the rights and freedoms of Ukrainian citizens accompany you always. We sincerely congratulate you on the holiday!”.

“Lawyer’s Day is important not only for legal professionals. A good lawyer is a real treasure for every employer. It is difficult to find an organization where this profession is not needed. Both in a small enterprise and in the highest power structure, the honorable work of a lawyer is needed everywhere. To be a lawyer is not just to acquire a profession, to receive a diploma on completion of higher legal education. Being a lawyer means having talent, wisdom, and maintaining humanity and a sense of justice in any situation. Therefore, happy professional holiday to you, specialists with a capital letter, lawyers from God.”

What to give for a lawyer’s day?

You can give your boss or co-worker presents related to your professional activities, from traditional business cards to original candlesticks in the shape of the goddess Maat (a symbol of justice). Universal gifts suitable for any lawyer can be divided into the following categories:

  1. Business: loan offices, stationery (covers for documents, notebooks, pens), safes.
  2. Accessories for equipment: mice, flash drives, lamps for laptops, etc.
  3. Accessories on a professional theme: statuettes in the form of Themis, themed photo frames, cups, wall clocks, etc.
  4. Tea, coffee sets and sweets.
  5. Symbols of wealth: money tree, elephant figurines, piggy banks. You can also give original book safes, a subscription to a legal publication, etc.

How to celebrate Lawyer’s Day in Ukraine?

Lawyer’s Day is not a day off, so all employees of the legal field celebrate their holiday at work. On this day, they receive greetings from relatives, friends and colleagues. Greetings are also heard from representatives of the authorities: the president, government officials and other powerful officials. In recent years, it has become fashionable to organize corporate celebrations.

Why is this event important?

Since ancient times, this profession has been respected and honorable, because who but lawyers protect the rights and freedoms of our civil society with you. Establishing justice is their goal. The implementation of laws, and therefore the existence and legal functioning of the state, depends on them. In performing his professional duties, a lawyer takes responsibility for the fate of many people who have turned to him for help, and must be able to fairly resolve disputed situations. Lawyer’s Day is an opportunity to support employees of this important profession and let them once again feel their high value for society.

Interesting facts about the legal profession

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When will we celebrate Ukrainian Lawyer’s Day?

Year Date Weekday
2021 October 8 Friday
2022 October 8 Saturday
2023 October 8 Sunday
2024 October 8 Tuesday
2025 October 8 Wednesday


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