Probably, every person wants to be always calm and balanced. Frankly speaking, we are longing to the excitement to experience only pleasant and positive emotions. However, unfortunately, it does not happen to everyone. We will tell you even more, only some people all around the world are able to feel this way, and the rest live like “on a swing”: at first they rejoice, and then get upset and worried. It is a pity but all in all the second state is experienced by people much more often. But what about you? โ€“ Are you able to answer the question โ€œWhen is World Mental Health Day in 2022?โ€ just now? Or perhaps you need a few minutes to thinking about? In this year it is on October 10.

As the practice shows, only some people are able to do this and that is an explanation, why we have decided to discover this notable date in details.


Of course, we understand that it is almost impossible to discover, what day National Mental Health Day in 2022 is without the explaining the historical background and scientific bases of this notable date appearance.

This special occasion has been kept beginning from 1992. It was set at the supported initiative of the famous organization called World Federation of Mental Health. During this day various thematic journals publish different psychiatric organizations all over the world. Also there is a tradition to appeal to government structures and leading health authorities, calling for participation in the main international movement.

World Mental Health Day

This Day is also known as the International Professional Holiday of Psychiatrists. That is why it can be a perfect reason to congratulate all psychiatrists and to wish them good health, success in their work, family happiness and long life.


What does Mental Health Day mean? All in all it is up to you to decide. In the modern world there is a great amount of men and women, who have never heard about this special occasion.

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However, we should also mention that the World Health Organization has already said that today on the planet there are more than 451 million people, suffering from mental illness. Frankly speaking, it is difficult to believe, but in the Western countries, every sixth or seventh person has either paranoid / schizophrenic problems, or susceptible to depression and serious form of alcoholism.

The main goal of World Mental Health Day is to reduce significantly the prevalence of depressive disorders, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease, drug dependence, epilepsy, mental retardation.

It has been discovered that the growth of morbidity is promoted by information overloads, political and economic cataclysms in the country, and precursors of diseases are stresses.

Modern life itself has various stresses: changes in the political, labor and economic life. You see, sometimes even a simple trip in public transport leads to the fact that a person worries or even feels depressed.

Unfortunately, stresses have become part of the life of modern man. People struggle with them, without thinking about the circumstances of these activities.


In our attempts to get the reply โ€œWhen is International Mental Health Day in 2022?โ€ we canโ€™t but mention that all in all our mental health is considered to be an integral part as well as a rather essential component of the human state.

Contemporary scientists have already defined it as a well-being condition, in which each person, no matter a man or a woman, can realize the existing abilities and obtained own potential.

Mental health helps us to withstand the usual life troubles, difficulties and various stresses. Thanks to it, we manage to work fruitfully and to spend life in the social community. In this benefit sense, our mental health is believed to be a so-called basis of each person’s living as well as the successful functioning of the community in general.

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Numerous studies have shown that main factors, important for our health are the following:

  • Biological (heredity, type of higher nervous activity, constitution, temperament, etc.);
  • Natural (climate, landscape, flora, fauna, etc.);
  • The state of the environment;
  • Socio-economic;
  • Level of development of health care.

These factors influence people’s way of life. It is also established that the way of life is about 50%, the state of the environment is 15-20%, heredity by 15-20% and health (the activities of its bodies and institutions) by 10% determine health (individual and social).

The concept of disease risk factors is closely related to the notion of health.


Of course, it is not difficult to find out when is Mental Health Day in 2022, calendar is always ready to share this information. However, not everybody knows how to celebrate this holiday properly.

The specialists are sure that the best variant for its keeping is to discover some new ways to relax.

Psychologists note that people who follow their posture are subject to stress and anxiety much less. There is nothing difficult here: try to hump, lower your shoulders, head, and breathe heavily – just in a few minutes life will seem difficult, and others will start annoying you. And, on the contrary, if you straighten your back, lift your head, smile and breathe smoothly and calmly, the mood will immediately improve – you can check it if you like.

World Mental Health Day

Therefore, when you are working sitting, do not hunch and do not “get cocked” in a chair, keep elbows on the table, and place your feet side by side – the habit of throwing your foot on the leg does not help balance. If you are standing or walking, distribute the body weight on both feet evenly, and do not slouch – keep your back straight.

Try to keep the posture consciously for several days, and you will notice that there are fewer bad thoughts, and you want to smile more often.

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All these methods are very simple, but they work only when we apply them, and not just know about them and continue to think about how we can achieve emotional balance and change our lives for the better.

World Mental Health Day Facts

Trying to find out the answer to the question โ€œWhat is the date of World Mental Health Day 2022?โ€ many people are ready to discover something new about this notable date.

Here is our list of the most amazing pieces of information.

Many people think that peace of mind is a utopia. Is it normal when a person does not experience negative emotions, does not worry about anything and does not upset? Probably, this happens only in a fairy tale, where everyone lives happily ever after. In fact, people have forgotten that the state of peace, harmony and happiness are completely normal feelings, and life is beautiful in different forms, and not only when everything turns out “our way”.

As a result, if there are violations or a complete absence of emotional health, physical health seriously suffers: and not only nervous disorders develop, a man or a woman may have serious diseases. If you lose your peace of mind for a long time, you can “earn” a peptic ulcer, skin problems, heart and vascular disease and even oncology.

In order to learn how to live without negative emotions, you need to understand and to realize your goals and desires, not replacing them with anyone’s opinions and judgments. People, who know how to do it, live in harmony with reason and with the soul: their thoughts do not differ from words, and words – from actions. Their surrounding usually understands that they are to perceive any situation correctly, therefore they are generally respected by everyone – both at work and at home.


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