The day when we must think over our deeds over the nature and its inhabitants is Ecological Debt Day. It is also known as Earth Overshoot Day. It is a worldwide accepted occasion. Nevertheless, lots of people across the world don’t even know the exact reason of creating the event. This event represents the exact moment of contracting a credit of natural resources by people. The history of the date isn’t very long. More and more people pay attention to its aims.  When is Ecological Debt Day in 2022? Why doesn’t it have the strict date of observing?


The occasion was proposed to the world community in the 1970. It was the first year when people scientists decided to attract the people’s attention to ecological problems. It was noticed that all the nationalities used more natural resources than the Earth can propose. It was determined that the use became the nature’s debt.

The man who developed the main purpose of the day was the scientist from the think tank from the UK. He was Andrew Simms. He proposed to note the people’s ecological debt. It means that the mankind uses all the resources for granted. The capacity of the Earth’s natural possibilities is less than the mankind’s needs. The experts take into account the planet’s ability to renew and absorb waste products.

Ecological Debt Day

In 1970 the shortage of the Earth’s resources became only 2 days. The occasion was set on the 29th of January. The problem was very valuable because thirty years later the resources’ shortage was two months earlier, in October. In 2013 it was set on the 20th of August. In the 2016 Ecological Debt Day was set on the 8th of August. It is said that till the 30s of the 21 century the date will be in June. Scientists admit that nowadays the coefficient of the use is 1.6 counting from the possibility that the Earth can give.

The Earth gives lots of resources to people. Nevertheless, all nations use natural wealth without paying attention on its depletion. The date is a start of the people’s debt. The answer on the question “What day Ecological Debt Day in 2022?” is “It will be in the beginning of August”. If people are more managing in 2022, the date will be near the date in 2016.

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What does Ecological Debt Day mean for the mankind and the Earth? The occasion is a mark of the human attitude to the planet’s resources. It would be good if the date had the stable day in December as it happened in 1970. But the truth is that people don’t understand the danger of a gap in the planet’s possibilities.

The Earth renews annually, though the speed of the process is less than people need. Our everyday life is connected with resource consuming. Almost everybody doesn’t like to think over the need to save the natural resources. The sum of that bad impact is so great that we become the Earth’s debtors.

Scientists created the occasion to remind the mankind that the planet’s resources aren’t endless. People must pay attention on their style of life. Modern habits make a great harm to the planet. The date isn’t accidental. The scientists made their own formula which includes the index of the planet’s ability to renew and the index of the mankind’s needs. It is a reason for every person to treat the problem seriously. Every family must do their best to save as many natural resources as it can. They are to begin from the local economy of them.

Ecological Debt Day is a chance for the Earth to be paid much human attention to its problems. It is a chance to save balance between the resources and their use. If people think over their deeds, the Earth will have chance to survive. The occasion has the second name. Lots of countries observe Earth Overshoot Day.

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The occasion has two names and, thus, two abbreviations, EOD and EDD. They are equal. The choice of date is a subject of certain calculations. It can’t be regarded as an accidental date.  The date is annually set by Global Footprint Network.

The scientists annually calculate the strict date of the event for a certain year. There are two main indexes which are taken into account: ecological footprint and biocapacity. The first index is set to show the consumption of the planet’s resources by people of the whole world during the certain year. Another index is the world biocapacity. It includes the whole amount of resources which are generated by the whole planet during the exact year. The scientists decided to divide the biocapacity by the ecological footprint. The new index is multiplied by 365 which is the amount of days in the year. Global Footprint Network bases its calculations on the Gregorian calendar.

When is Ecological Debt Day 2022? The answer depends on the strict calculations. In 2017 it was on the 8th of August. The next occasion is expected to happen in the beginning of August. But the threat of unexpected shift to earlier date is still preserved. If the mankind doesn’t realize the problem, the threat will become real.


The date isn’t considered as a holiday itself. It is a moment when people are informed that they start using all natural resources in debt. It means that the Earth is not able to renew its possibilities for the people’s needs.

There is a great tradition to inform the mankind through social nets and mass media. This day the local authorities of the majority of countries address to people by making special TV and radio programs. There are lots of lectures and reports on different levels. Educational establishments propose their students various environmental projects which allow not only paying attention to the date. They use projects as the means of ideological upbringing. It is a way to breed a conscious generation.

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Ecological Debt Day

Ordinary families can take part in the process of observing the event. Parents should explain the value of biocapacity of the Earth. They can teach their children to save the amount of consumed energy and water. They should explain the harm which is made by the mankind. If a new generation follows easy rules of saving the resources, the next decades will have the occasion in August without shifting to July and even May. What is the date of Ecological Debt Day 2022? It is expected to be observed in the beginning of August.

Ecological Debt Day Facts

As the holiday isn’t known by the majority of people, it would be great to list several facts about it. The mankind should know more about the occasion and take part in following its goals.

  • The first year when the humanity decided to calculate its own wastes was in 1970.
  • The first result was not so frightening. It showed only 2 days of that year which were considered as a debt.
  • Since that time the period of the debt became longer. In 2022 people live autumn and winter in debt. It shows that nature doesn’t manage to renew after using.
  • The scientists admit that nowadays the mankind needs 1.5 planets to provide us food and living.
  • There is a threatening hypothesis that by 2030 two planets will be able to provide human needs. It is likely to happen if the mankind wouldn’t take steps in saving natural resources.
  • If you live in the fertile territories with a plenty of fresh water, you should calculate your own needs and use them as an index of ecological footprint. If all people on the Earth had such needs and possibilities, the planet would have already disappeared.
  • The conference which was held in France proposed to reduce the emission of carbon for 30 %. It can be a help in moving the date back.

Each person can take place on the date. It is useful to write the request “When is Ecological Debt Day in 2022, calendar of events?”


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