In spite of the rapid development of Smartphone and internet the post plays a significant role in peopleโ€™s life and communication. It helps the community to send real cards and parcels. A postman can bring newspapers to people. In many countries postmen carry not only the aim of transferring things to other addresses. They also can be a symbol of every nation, as in Britain. When is World Post Day in 2022? How can people celebrate the occasion?


The event is thought to be an international occasion, though it is not accepted as a public event. The history of the service is very long. The first postmen used horses for their long journeys. Many of them travelled on foot. Only in the 17th century several countries initiated the service for their citizens. Besides, civilized countries signed the documents which helped to develop international connections through sending mail. Two centuries later there was a tight connection between many countries, that is why this kind of sending messages became not only possible but also was considered as the best way of communication throughout the countries.

The development of the postal agreement found its continuation in the middle of the 19th century in the USA. The local General, Montgomery Blair, decided to get 15 representatives of the postal service from different countries. That meeting helped to set main principles for future agreement. In 1863 it was impossible to get an arrangement.

World Post Day

Eleven years later in September the next conference took place. The German representative proposed the idea. That meeting took place in Switzerland. Twenty-two men from different establishments from the world took place in it. These representatives managed to sign the common document due to which the General Postal Union was formed.

The organization grew and was later re-named. It got the title โ€œThe Universal Postal Unionโ€. In 1969 the meeting took place in Japan. The representatives decided to initiate a special occasion. They initiated it on October, 9th. Itโ€™s an answer on the question โ€œWhat day National Post Day in 2022?โ€

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What does Post Day mean for lots of people or postmen? The Universal Postal Union is a very important way for persons who like purchases through the internet. International shops which work online prefer to send their goods to the buyers. There are many establishments and firms which propose postal services. They propose their own variants of delivery.

In the developing countries there isnโ€™t any good access to the internet resources. Thus, in such areas posts stay the only method of sending messages or things between people from many countries.ย  The role of these services is very high. It helps to broaden throughout the countries.

Many branch offices of the service are being opened throughout many places, areas. They provide various propositions to the clients. Trucks and post offices are widely used for these activities.

The public also send a certain amount of money. Itโ€™s especially needed for developing territories where people canโ€™t use electronic banking services. The dwellers of Africa and Middle West actively use the possibility to connect with friends and relatives from different territories and areas. When is International Post Day 2022? People follow it on October, 9th.


The term โ€œpostโ€ appeared earlier than the 11th cent. Its origin is Latin. The term has got different meanings. Nevertheless, the main part of people clearly understands its meaning. People almost always understand its meaning. Itโ€™s an international term.

The word has got several definitions. One of them is something made of metal or other firm materials which stands in a firm position. It can be use for support.

This word can be used for a stake which is set at the start and finish. Itโ€™s used for races. Posts are fit to electric devices. It has a function of a storage battery. It also a part of an earring used in the process of piercing.

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During the last decades various internet terms came into our lives. People usually use them to name processes or results of them. For many of them the public decided to take well-known words. They use the term to describe any kind of item which contains content. It can be published as an image or also contain written information. These pieces of information are published in applications or websites. Due to that procedure, the process of publishing is posting.

The term can be a part of many words. Concerning this event, we use the term in the meaning of a post-office. Itโ€™s a part of governmental system. Staff-members help public in sending parcels or letters. They sell marks or stamps. They also propose other useful services. Their main obligation is transporting mail.

What is the date of World Post Day 2022? Itโ€™s always held on October, 9th.


People celebrate the event in many areas. This occasion is thought to become the international event. Nevertheless, this occasion is not a public event in any country. There arenโ€™t any days-off. The ways of observing the occasion are similar in many territories.

The main activity of this procedure is an official proclamation in the governmental establishments. Ministers make proclamations in order to admit the achievement of the service. The staff often gets small surprises. Some governments provide additional bonus for their work. The staff makes small holidays on the day.

World Post Day

One of the main traditions during the date is a stamp producing. They include information about the formation of the service and the history of its dependence in the concrete country and in the whole world. These stamps are sold on the day and after it. The most valuable variants are presented to famous people and those who are worth commemorating. Philatelists also get these stamps for their collections.

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Many countries explain to children the importance of this service. They make several special educational courses for schools, colleges. Various TV and radio programs are proposed to inform the audience about the beginning and development of postal service.

A special contest was initiated by UNESCO almost 40 years ago. Young participators compose letters. The best representative is awarded a prize. Itโ€™s traditionally held during World Post Day. If you are going to participate in the event or a contest, you should get information through the request โ€œWhen is Post Day in 2022, calendar of writing contests?โ€

World Post Day Facts

  1. The 1st stamp is thought to be made in 1840. That stamp was produced in the UK. It was called the Penny Black. Its main goal was to show the public the raising of corruption.
  2. Indians have made many stamps in order to commemorate famous persons. The first representative was produced in 1947. It showed their tri-color.
  3. In Asia the postal service produced its first stamp in 1852. The administrator of the postal service was the representative of the UK.
  4. The stamp production helps to earn some wealth. Limited additions let the service to involve collectors and philatelists in spending much money for such stamps.
  5. It is a tradition to print the name of a country on a stamp. The only exception of this tradition is the United Kingdom.


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