In the modern world there are a lot of holidays, which are considered to be rather cozy and hearty at the same time. By the way, do you remember the answer to the question “When is National Universal Children’s Day in 2022?” Unfortunately, in this case we expect the negative reply, as usually contemporary men and women haven’t even heard about this memorable occasion existence.

And to tell you the truth, that’s the chief reason why we’ve decided to discover in details this amazing matter.


Of course, it’s rather difficult to explain, what day Universal Children’s Day in 2022 is properly, without paying close attention to this holiday historical background.

All in all initially we’d tell our readers that this specific date has already had a long past. The idea of its establishment was arisen in 1954, exactly on December 14. The representatives of the General Assembly of well-known organization called UN recommended to establish the special annual event devoted to all kids of the planet. In general, officially Universal Children’s Day has been celebrated by a great amount of modern countries since 1956.

Universal Children's Day Card

At the very beginning the establishers wanted to encourage total fraternity and general understanding between the small residents all over the world. They also longed to promote the small residents’ welfare in particular.

General Assembly recommended every country to choose the date, which would be appropriate for this celebration. There were many different propositions, but after the numerous discussions November 20 was chosen as the most suitable one. And nowadays only India and distant Australia hold this memorable date on their own.

Why was the choice like that? – The answer’s quite simple. – The matter is that this day but in 1959 and in 1989, the corresponding UN declarations concerning children were adopted.


What does Universal Children’s Day mean? All in all it’s up to everybody of us to decide if to hold rate this day or to forget completely about it.

However, we can’t but mention, that according to the UN, eleven million children die each year before their fifth birthday, tens of millions still remain physically or mentally ill, without the opportunity to grow up, to live and to develop.

Many of these deaths are caused by easily preventable or easily curable diseases, others – by the disastrous consequences of poverty, ignorance, discrimination and violence.

Together, these causes bring heavy losses to families, communities, states and the world. Not only in early childhood have to face forces that threaten the lives and well-being of children. They become more insecure, as they are often deprived of their rights, including the right to education, to participate in public and political life, to protect themselves from harm to their health.


Trying to get the reply to “When is International Universal Children’s Day 2022?” we can’t but mention that in general, the United Nations does a great job for young people. In particular it is necessary to note is the work of people employed in the United Nations Children’s Fund. Its activities are mainly aimed at maintaining and correcting the health of children from the diapers and until the end of adolescence.

The organization pays close attention to future mothers who are carrying life under their heart. It concerns the health of pregnant women, medical supervision of ladies in the situation with various problems in this area, monitoring their health state during the antenatal phase and immediately at the birth time, providing the needy individuals with the necessary medical examination.

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An important sphere of influence of the activities of the United Nations Children’s Fund is assistance to mothers and babies, who are sick with AIDS and HIV-infected.

Of course, all countries of our planet are different enough to have their individual approach even to the child birth.

Curious are the facts associated with the age of babies. For example, wise Indians consider the birthday of the child to be the day of conception. Koreans pay no less importance to the moment of successful fertilization of egg with the sperm. And by the way, believe you or nor, but in many Asian states the children’s age officially includes nine months of intrauterine development.


When is Universal Children’s Day in 2022, calendar will always remind you and that is not a problem, of course. The only thing you should mind is when November 20 comes. By the way this year it’ll be on Monday.

In general, World Children’s Day is a wonderful occasion to take an active part in the numerous celebrations, organized all over the planet. This day various charity events are usually held by famous brand companies.

A vivid example can be shown by culinary master chef from McDonalds. All company employees  are helping out in the World Children’s Day by joint efforts. They voluntarily donate to the Children’s Houses, kid’s hospitals, shelters, local regional funds dealing with small citizens’ problems.


By the way the same is often done by celebrities: talk show and business stars, politicians and sportsmen, who are participating in the process of fast food restaurants selling.

All in all November 20 is a perfect opportunity to spend the whole day with your children. You can play various games, watch funny cartoons, go to the park or movies if the weather is nasty or cold.

Some parents prefer to organize a real party and to invite as many kids’ friends as it is possible. You can cook their favorite dishes together and spend a great time in a noisy but at the same time so beloved company.

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National Universal Children’s Day Facts

The area of childhood is specific and exists only for a certain category of the planet residents. Adults aren’t allowed to enter it. They, in their turn, have a real opportunity to come into contact with this atmosphere for a while. Moreover, this sphere can be attractive for those who have already grown from a tender age.

That’s the explanation why trying to receive the answer to “What is the date of Universal Children’s Day 2022?” we in most cases want to know something really amazing about this matter.

Here is our list of facts devoted to children.

  • Have you ever heard about the Englishwoman called Elizabeth Greenhill, who gave birth 38 times in general, becoming a mother to 39 small boys and girls.
  • The Italian, Rosanna Dalla Corta, is famous because of her age. Believe you or not, but her son was born when a woman was 63 years old. Such late pregnancies and childbirths are explained by the fact that all this time the lady was treated for infertility.
  • Australian women have excelled either. On the mainland in the middle of the ocean, with the help of the method of IVF (in vitro fertilization), there have been born more babies than in other countries.

In general every parent wants to believe: his/her kid is certainly the best and unique. But for some, there are real reasons to think so. That’s thanks to the evidence of the child’s uncommonness, specifically, high-by-year intellect. For instance, have you ever heard about Oscar Wrigley, a two-year-old child genius, possessed an IQ of 160. This indicator of mental development was recorded once by Albert Einstein. The kid at that time due to his extraordinary natural abilities was in the Oxford club for the smartest people on the planet.


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