Our routine life affects our mind and nervous system. Every day, we’re dealing with the state of discomfort that results in pressure situations so that it absorbs us completely over time. It is called pressure and today we will discuss when is National Stress Awareness Day in 2022 is.

The day is been celebrated for more than 70 years annually on 4th of November and is organized to help people solve their routine, family, and work problems. There isn’t a human who isn’t dealing with moral strain so that this issue is quite popular.


Pressure is a nonspecific protective reaction of the body in response to unfavorable changes in the environment.

In modern encyclopedias, there are several interpretations of the concept of pressure so popular at the present time. And so, in psychology, stress is the body’s reaction (mental, physical, emotional, chemical) to everything that scares it, irritates or threatens it. The founder of the theory of stress, the Czech scientist Hans Selye, in the course of his studies, came to the conclusion that pressure can be called a nonspecific protective reaction of the organism to unfavorable factors that violate its quiet existence. This concept appeared in 1936. Technically speaking, the term meant “pressure”, “tension.”

Fight your Stress

All these definitions are easy and simple to create an idea of this state. However, to understand what pressure is, there is no need to look in the encyclopedia – just look around and you will understand what day World Stress Awareness Day in 2022 is.

In our impetuous era, everyone is in a hurry, they are running somewhere, trying to catch everything. Each of us has its own specific ideas about the environment, needs are formed, and a system of requirements is developed. The discrepancies between our ideas and reality, give rise to dissatisfaction. It’s one thing when this dissatisfaction pushes for further development, self-improvement, the other is when it causes aggression to the whole world, which has destroyed dreams of happiness.

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Stress breaks into our lives in the parking lot, in the minibuses, in quarrels with relatives, on the “carpet” of the authorities… this list can be continued indefinitely.


  • Memory impairment
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Constant feeling of fatigue
  • Common mistakes
  • Increased excitability
  • Fast speech
  • Increased anxiety
  • Dissatisfaction with their work
  • Loss of sense of humor
  • Self-pity
  • Excessive stubbornness
  • Insomnia
  • Passion for alcoholic beverages
  • Feelings of insatiable hunger or poor appetite
  • The decrease in the pace of activity.

Naturally, all listed signs of pressure may not be observed altogether. The manifestation of several of them already indicates serious problems. In some cases, signs of pressure hide behind the pain of unknown etiology. Only an experienced therapist can distinguish them from the disease. However, some signs of pressure take the form of real diseases, for example, hypertension, stomach ulcers, arthritis.


Depending on the result, the following types of pressure are distinguished in psychology:

  • Eustresses (“useful” stresses). For successful existence, each of us needs some dose of pressure. It is she who is the driving force of our development. This state can be called “the reaction of awakening.” It is akin to awakening from a sleep. To go to work in the morning, you need to get out of bed and wake up. To achieve working activity you need a push, a small dose of adrenaline. This role is performed by eustresses.
  • Distresses (harmful stresses) arising at critical pressure. It is this state that meets all the concepts of stress.
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Stages of development

The stages of pressure characterize the dynamics of internal stress development:

  1. Mobilization, characterized by an increase in tension, intensity of reactions, acceleration of the ability to reproduce information, to remember. At this moment, the clarity of cognitive processes increases. This stage contributes to increased productivity and effectiveness in the activities.
  2. Disadaptation, a transition to internal pressure. The transition to this level occurs as a result of prolonged pressure. There is a reaction of forbidden inhibition, which manifests itself in a decrease in the quality of activity. In behavior, disorganization is observed, a loss of information occurs, the clarity of its transmission is lost, decisions are made, without taking into account the consequences.
  3. Disorganization, characterized by a decline in internal activity, nervous exhaustion. It occurs in the case of continued stress. As a result, there may be violations of the internal regulation of behavior, behavior becomes inadequate to the situation. Long-term stress of the third stage can lead to serious illnesses. At this stage, the help of specialists is needed: psychologists, therapists, psychotherapists, psycho-neurologists.


What does National Stress Awareness Day mean? According to the results of studies conducted in Sweden, men who are strained because of a job change complain about hearing problems by 39% more often than others. Scientists believe that these problems arise because of excessive stimulation of the receptors of the inner ear, which is caused by pressure hormones and anxiety. This ailment is called sensorineural hearing loss, and if a person has undergone it, it is no longer possible to make the hearing better. You can get even more interesting information on the day when is International Stress Awareness Day 2022.

Stress or Relax


According to Dr. Richard Shelton of the University of Alabama, pressure does not always have a negative impact on the human body. Of course, in case it became chronic, you should contact specialists, but if the pressure is only intermittent, then this can be beneficial.

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Stress increases immunity, because of the body, feeling its effect, begins to prepare for potentially dangerous situations, in the process of which interleukins are produced – substances, to some extent, responsible for maintaining immunity in the norm. Pressure mobilizes the body’s resistance, although only for a while.


There are not many traditions when is Stress Awareness Day in 2022 but calendar helps us define the day when to start making changes. Firstly, you should adjourn and postpone your cases in order to clear your mind. Secondly, think about the issues where you often face with the stress. It could be your working process, disagreements with superiors, problems in everyday life, some personal problems or even diffidence. Thirdly, find the ways to make your life better and to avoid those situations you cope every time with. Don’t be afraid of spending much time on this issue as it will change your life to the best way.

International Stress Awareness Day Facts

  1. Strong stress expands the pupil of a person so that he can collect the maximum amount of visual information about the events that occur.
  2. At the impact of stress, the indicators of intellectual abilities grow, because the brain creates more neurotrophins, supporting neurons in a state of viability, and providing a link between them.

So, knowing what is the date of National Stress Awareness Day 2022, and having collected so much information, you’re ready to cope with any sort of pressure and remember that it is not always harmful to you but also gives you more stamina and experience in dealing with any kind of life situations.


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