When is National Vitamin C Day in 2020? โ€“ Well, this is a good question, however, only some people are ready to answer this matter without any prompts given from the other side. In addition, we canโ€™t but mention that the most part of these men and women is represented by specialists and professionals in the pharmaceutical sphere. We have found this case to be an unfair one that is the reason why we are going to discuss this holiday in details today.


The matter concerning what day World Vitamin C Day in 2020 is needs a lot of clarifications and explanations. The side about its historical back is of great demand usually.

The history of the discovery of this component is associated with scurvy. In those distant times, this disease particularly struck seafarers. Strong, brave sailors were powerless before scurvy, which also often led to death. The disease was characterized by general weakness, bleeding gums, resulting in teeth falling out. There was a rash as well as hemorrhages on the skin. But nevertheless the way of treatment has been found. So, sailors, following the example of the Indians, began to drink a water extract of pine needles, which is a storehouse.

Vitamin C

In the 18th century, the surgeon of the British fleet J. Lind showed that the disease of sailors could be cured by adding to their diet fresh fruits and vegetables.

Another interesting fact is that Albert von St Gyรถrgy, the main discoverer, in fact found out a whole complex of vitamins and showed that with the routine and bioflavonoids, its effect becomes especially powerful.

According to the famous author of the Atkinson Diet, Dr. Robert Atkinson: “It is so important to our health that I do not even recall a disease in which taking this vitamin does not lead to any improvementโ€.

In 1923 Dr. Glen King established the chemical structure of this component, and in 1928, Dr. and biochemist Albert Szent-Gyรถrgy first isolated it, calling it hexuronic acid. Already in 1933, Swiss researchers synthesized vitamin C, which is so well known, ascorbic acid.

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What does National Vitamin C Day mean? Frankly speaking, it is only up to you to decide whether to celebrate this special occasion at home or in the office. Among the representatives of the contemporary society there are a lot of people, who find it completely unnecessary.

Have you ever heard that it is not accidentally called the “vitamin of youth”? The specialists are sure that it is the most affordable antioxidant. Why? โ€“ The matter is that it slows down the aging process. It has been scientifically proved that the substance promotes the production of collagen, responsible for skin aging. In addition, vitamin C, or otherwise ascorbic acid, strengthens the protective functions of the body as well as immunity system in general. In addition, it helps to prolong the life of the blood vessels, making them more elastic. The healthy component also promotes the assimilation of iron, as well as the growth and the recovery of cells of bones, teeth, tissues, etc.

By the way, to determine the lack of this component in the body is simple. The specialists are sure that the deficiency of ascorbic is manifested in the form of reduced immunity, frequent colds, bleeding gums, rapid fatigue, lethargy and even irritability, insomnia, joint diseases, long healing wounds, hair loss and numerous wrinkles.


Investigating the matter what day World Vitamin C Day in 2020 is we would like to introduce our readers a great amount of various facts and explanations.

First of all do you where this component is contained? – The main problem is that the human body canโ€™t synthesize vitamin C on its own. This means that it must come from the outside – with food or in the form of medications. If you are talking about products, then a lot of it can be found in citrus, black currant, dogrose, cranberries, sea buckthorn, gooseberries, apples, raspberries, kiwi, Bulgarian pepper, parsley, horseradish, cabbage (including the sour one), onions, tomatoes, cucumbers , potatoes, sorrel and pumpkin. Please note that all these are products of exclusively plant origin.

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In addition we canโ€™t but mention about one more important point. Under the influence of high temperature, the chemical bonds of ascorbic acid usually decay. The same effect is exerted by water and metal. In other words, when preparing dishes from foods rich in vitamin C in the kitchen, avoid heat treatment, metal pans, plates, etc. Use enamel or glassware, plastic or wooden spatula, etc.

To enemies of vitamin C you can also include oxygen, so it is recommended to avoid the long cutting process and eat the products immediately. The smoking is also rather harmful. That is the reason why the tobacco addicts need to pay special attention to the intake of ascorbic acid, because it neutralizes the harmful effects of toxic substances of tobacco smoke.


When is Vitamin C Day in 2020, calendar will surely remind you. As a rule, there are no problems concerning this matter. The date is celebrated annually on April 4th. Of course, it is up to you to decide whether to celebrate this holiday or to forget completely about its existence in the contemporary list of special occasions.

There hardly are any events organized on the state level, but all in all it is not a problem for people with creative imagination. Devote this day to filling your body with healthy components, try new fruits or juices. Some people prefer to watch movies, read articles or discover the new points in periodicals.

orange and lemon juice

International Vitamin C Day Facts

Investigating the question โ€œWhat is the date of National Vitamin C Day in 2020?โ€ we would like to represent our readers a great amount of various facts and pieces of information.

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Is this substance useful? Certainly it is! In accordance with the noble specialistsโ€™ points of view, it is able to improve the immunity, to heal wounds, to lower cholesterol, to help with colds, to reduce thrombosis and this is not the complete list of advantages. By the way, in the treatment of colds, the doctors do not accidentally to recommend increasing the dose of this component. It is usually done to strengthen the immune system and to accelerate recovery. And for prevention, you can eat one oranges or kiwi a day (if you do not suffer from diabetes, of course).

Vitamin C is also available in the so called dosage forms, for example, in ampoules or in tablets. Of course, first of all, this thing is consumed when it is necessary to increase (supplement) the dose of ascorbic in the human body dramatically. For example, with increased mental or physical exertion, bleeding, poorly healing wounds or intoxication.

This substance in tablets is familiar to many contemporary people all around the planet. We often take during treatment of cold. Under these circumstances it is represented by effervescent tablets, soluble in water. There are also ordinary, insoluble items with a pleasant sweetish taste. The dose of the drug in them is small, so they are quite suitable for prevention. Doses of use, of course, must be observed and they are usually indicated just on the package.

Vitamin C in ampoules should be used only as it has been said by a doctor. Only he/she can prescribe the exact dosage depending on the disease. The benefits of an absorbent are at least certain, but not all can be actively used. There are diseases (diabetes mellitus, thromboses, for example, or associated with the stomach, pancreas, etc.), which need to be cautious about taking this component.


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