In the modern world there is a great amount of various holidays. Some of them are official, others’re not public. But also there are those, which seem to be rather amazing and unusual. For example, can you answer the very interesting question “When is National Pineapple Day in 2022?” immediately? Unfortunately, in most cases people can’t do it properly. That’s why we are going to discuss it in details.


In general when is National Pineapple Day in 2022, calendar will remind you without any additional troubles. But what about knowing something more interesting? – For example, the historic background?

We should mention that all around the planet there’re some events of this type.

National Pineapple Day

For example, in Hawaii Pineapple Day is celebrated on June 27th. This event’s fixed and it simultaneously means that it is kept at the same day every year.ย  By the way we want to mention that the date of this unusual holiday is chosen not by chance. On this day, almost 50 years ago, in 1970, in Hawaii, which is considered to be the world’s largest producer of these fruits, it was selected the most delicious variety of pineapple called DEN MONTE GOLD. In addition, it is necessary to admit that March is usually the most successful month for the harvest, because at this time the picked fruit is the most juicy and ripe.

In Japan on August 1 in Okinawa the locals celebrate the unofficial but at the same time rather happy holiday, called Pineapple Day! Plantations of this amazing fruit can be found on many islands of the archipelago of Ryukyu.


What does Pineapple Day mean? To begin with we’d like to mention that overseas pineapple has been astonished the lovers of gourmet food from all over the Earth for some centuries already. Why? – Frankly speaking there are many explanations. Some people are amazed by its original shape, relatively solid and porous peel or green bushy tail. But other advantage is that this exclusive product is rather juicy, full of vitamins and doesn’t cost a lot.

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Up to the present moment scientists have described for about 60 pineapple varieties. The most famous and popular among them are Queen, Monte Lirio, smooth Cayenne, Singapore and many others.

On this holiday, choose any you like and enjoy a dietary product with a lot of fiber. If you canโ€™t travel now, imagine yourself having a fairy tale journey to paradise pineapple, for example, in Thailand or the Philippines.


Pineapple is considered to be a perennial herbaceous fruit plant that can grow up to 1 meter in height and reach 2 meters in diameter. Juicy fruit becomes completely ripe for 90-200 days. A year it is possible to take up to 3 harvests.

Brazil is an original homeland of most sorts of pineapples. But nowadays the fruit is widespread and has gain worldwide popularity. Why? โ€“ According to the specialistsโ€™ points of view, the popularity of this fruit is often associated with its excellent taste and exceptional benefits for our body. It contains a lot of useful vitamins and minerals. The contemporary experienced dieticians are sure that people, who regularly consume pineapples for food, almost never have problems with the gastrointestinal tract. And by the way this fruit is taken as a basis for those who wish to lose weight.


So you have already known what day Pineapple Day in 2022 is. There are even some of them all around the planet. But how to celebrate this special occasion? Unfortunately, there are no any special traditions. But on the other hand you can create them by your own.

The first action that comes to our head is to spend this day eating this delicious fruit. People may do it in many different ways. โ€“ Somebody prefers to cut it into slices and eat slowly together with some wine or perhaps a glass of champagne or add it into chicken salad.

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But if you have enough time for cooking, bake a delicious American pineapple cake, which is usually rather flavored as well. In order to prepare it cut the fruit into thin slices, lay them on the bottom of the pan together with sugary mixture. When the dish is ready, the content of the pan is usually turned down from the pan into the prepared dish. The top is also decorated with pineapples. You will definitely like it and your family members or guests will be astonished by its sophisticated taste and aroma. If the weather is good, you can even take it as a picnic lunch outside. Believe, you will have unforgettable experience and the perfect mood is guaranteed.

There are also some men and women, who prefer to purchase some sorts of this fruit and organize something like a tasting, choosing the best one. Of course, tastes differ but why not to try?

As we have already mentioned, pineapple is believed to be a Hawaiian product. It simultaneously means that the party in this style will be rather suitable for National Pineapple Day celebration.

National Pineapple Day

Every year in June Thailand in the province of Lampang the local people’veย  a special Pineapple Festival. This fruit is thought to be very respected and valued in the area. The three-day festival has been kept for many years already. It is celebrated according to the time-tasted tradition. Of course, the main point of the festival is trade and various agreements between producers and buyers of this useful fruit. So it all starts with a huge fair where deals, tastings and exhibitions are organized. On the first day on the streets and the local homes are decorated with pineapple carts pyramids. Everywhere you can listen to merry, see a lot of crowds and numerous field kitchens. You can enjoy fresh pineapple picked up a few hours ago, but that is not everything. Your choices are really endless. – Pineapple ice cream, dried fruit, rice and poultry with pineapple juice, as well as other strange but tasty are offered at almost every corner. Also every year they’ve a specialized Agricultural Fair, choose “Miss Pineapple” and organize various competitions. As far as we understand the citizens of that world part never forget the answer to the set question โ€œWhen is Pineapple Day 2022?โ€ And they are waiting for it with realย  impatience.

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National Pineapple Day Facts

In China, there’s a special tradition that no family can sit down for a festive New Year’s table without pineapple. According to legends, it ensures the improvement of all success and prosperity in the coming year. That’s why if you ask the question โ€œWhat is the date of Pineapple Day 2022?โ€ in that country, the local population will think about the beginning of the next year in the first turn.

In 1994 the well known Guinness Record Book noted the largest pineapple. Its weight was more than 8 kg. It sounds really terrific, doesnโ€™t it?

As it was mentioned above, during the Pineapple Day in Thailand they have a specialized competition called โ€œMiss Pineappleโ€, where every woman can take an active part and become a winner of her province.

Due to its properties, the pineapple is popular not only in their homeland, but also in the Nordic countries. It has so many vitamins, that this amount would be enough for a few types of fruit. In fact, the pineapple is a real multivitamin complex, because it contains iodine, magnesium, calcium, potassium, iron, manganese, zinc, fiber, vitamins B and C.

Not everybody knows that the most useful part of it is not tasty flesh, but tough fibers.


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