World Encephalitis Day

February 22 is celebrated annually World Encephalitis Day. This day has been celebrated since October 2013.

What is it? encephalitis? This is a disease that consists in inflammation of the brain. The cause of encephalitis can be viral, microbial, allergic, toxic, and infectious-allergic. Primary and secondary types are also distinguished. In severe forms of the disease, death is possible, so it is important to seek medical help.

One of the most common carriers of encephalitis is a tick (about 13% of all ticks are infected with the virus). That is why it is necessary to conduct a thorough examination of the body after walking in nature, especially in spring.

Encephalitis Day created to inform society about such a disease and involve in prevention (for example, regular body examination, protective clothing for walks in the forest, special means against ticks, timely vaccination).

World Encephalitis Day
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