How many cups of cappuccino do you drink during the day? Regardless of the answer, once in a year, you have a chance to double that number. Or even treble… In other words, you have the full right to plunge into coffee dissipation! Why? Several lines on, you’ll find out.

When is National Coffee Day in 2022 and what are the limits of the feast?


The legend has it that the energy-boosting property of coffee was revealed by the Ethiopian man who happened to graze his goats on a hot summer day. He noticed that the animals ate the thick leaves and dark red fruits of the Coffea tree and then at night were too restless, running about the pen. The men related what he saw to the abbot and the latter decided to experience the effect on himself. He was so shocked by the power of the beverage made of the leaves and seeds that ordered the monks to drink it during the night services as it gave strength and relieved fatigue.

National Coffee Day

This story occurred in the middle of the 9th century, yet java got its universal recognition much later. Interestingly, at the dawn of the human’s acquaintance with the plant, they consumed exactly the raw beans. The Ethiopians who ruled the Arab peninsula up until the 11th century were driven out of the lands but their traditions and the rich culture were adopted by the Arabs, including the custom of drinking the aromatic liquid. Still, they did it not like us today, crushing the beans, mixing them with the milk or fat and shaping the balls that they took along for the travel.

Only in the 12th century, the raw seeds were used for making the drink and a bit later the man came to dry them at first, then roast and grind, putting the powder in hot boiling water and flavoring with the cinnamon or ginger. In the course of the 16th century, the Coffea tree spread on the territories of the Ottoman Empire. Its beans were widely sold in the Arabic ports where the Europeans merchants firstly saw it. Another legend says that the seeds were secretly transported to the south of India, then to Java and Sumatra and that’s how the monopoly of growing the plant explicitly on the peninsula ended.

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Winning the hearts of the humans all over the world, there were the special buildings opened, called the coffee houses. The very first of them threw open its doors in Constantinople, then in England, where it was considered to be only for men clubs for a long time. The end of the 17th century brought those houses to Paris and that’s when the all-embracing coffee fever has started. With time, the saplings got to Europe as well as in Brazil, Jamaica, Cuba, and Guatemala. By the end of the 18th century, the Europeans delivered the plants to almost every of the tropical countries.

As for the history of the holiday, why we ask when is International Coffee Day 2022, it was staged for the first time in 2015 at the initiative of the International Coffee Organization with the purpose of appreciating the contribution of the every person which work makes up the ever-growing industry. By the way, it’s one of the productions that cannot be subject to the automation. So, the workers’ labor is really hard!


What does National Coffee Day mean? You got that right from the name. It means the celebration of this strongly flavored drink and of the people involved in this extremely large field of the world economy. And of the coffee lovers, of course!

Could you imagine that around one and half of billion cups of java are guzzled down daily on our planet? Well, it definitely must bring some benefits or aftereffects for humans’ health.

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Actually, the effect of the drink can’t be called exactly good or bad as each person identifies it on their own, relying on their state, diseases and the like. The beverage increases the intensity of the digestion and the boost of energy while giving the sedative vibes if you’re stressing. It also has the influence on the brain center that is responsible for breathing and reduces the risk of diabetes and liver cancer.

The beans contain the significant amount of the microelements and mineral important for the organism – potassium, iron, manganese, magnesium – together with the antioxidants. It protects from the harmful factors of the environment and sharpens the senses. In addition to that, it stimulates the heart, expands the blood vessels and reduces the risk of the heart attack. Of course, if you drink moderate amounts of the beverage.

However, caffeine abuse leads to insomnia, high heart rate, and general excitability. It might cause the strong headaches, nervousness, tension and anxious state. Remember those caffeine addicted who can’t start their day without the life-giving cup? Regardless of what day World Coffee Day in 2022 celebrates on, always watch your beverage’s consumption!


There are about 90 sorts of the plants related to Coffea tree. Yet, the global industry uses only the two of them – Coffea Arabica and Coffea Canephora and it is known that 70% of production is the share of the first type.

Arabica – the most widespread sort – grows at the heights from nine hundred to two thousands of meters above the sea level. The beans are smooth and have the line of the letter S shape in the middle. Robusta grows on the lower grounds, mainly in the tropics. It’s known to be the less delicious sort in the terms of aroma. Instead, it contains more caffeine that makes it cheaper on the market.

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National Coffee Day

As everyone might have heard, there are some special kinds of coffee. Indonesia is noted for producing the kopi luwak type, which is the most expensive and sought after one. All this craze is due to its process of preparation: the seeds must be digested by the local animal called musang with the natural leaving through the…well, you know what. There’s also the Black Ivory sort that is produced by the digestive efforts of the elephants. Sounds enticing, doesn’t it?

There’s another story for the decaffeinated type. Its discovery happened in the 20th century when there was the ship on the sea transporting loads of the beans. The vessel was caught in the storm and all the holds with the sacks were flooded. Nevertheless, the owner brought the beans to the expertise. It was revealed that the product is good for use yet lost all of the caffeine.

What is the date of National Coffee Day 2022? It’s set on September 29.


As for the ideas of celebration, there are lots of these. The main point is – you should include java in any of your planned activities.

For example, you can arrange the party with your friends. Treat them with coffee flavored cupcakes and, of course, the cups of aromatic drink. Or, organize the drink’s tasting right at your working place. Stock up on several sorts of java and try each with your much-loved colleagues. Isn’t that a perfect way to ask your boss of a month’s holiday?

Drop by coffee house and find out whether they offer discounted drink or even free deals. Usually, there are plenty of them as those buildings really honor their professional holiday.

Coffee Day Facts

  • Around thirty-five countries are involved in celebrations of the holiday.
  • Nevertheless, some of them held it on the other date – September 29.

Mark in your calendar, when is Coffee Day in 2022, and praise it with a cup of delicious espresso, latte, cappuccino or mocha!


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