The heart is the very center of every person โ€“ย  not only in its physical but psychological meaning. We sometimes forget about its huge and irreplaceable work for all organism, it is in most cases one of the most vulnerable parts of human body. Every stress, depression or life events influence the state of life center that is because the risks of heart attacks increase day by day. Moreover, these diseases kill today more people than all other illnesses together. No wonder that this problem touches everyone on the planet. That is the reason to memorize when is World Heart Day in 2022, which commemorates us one simple truth that life is unique so we have to prolong it by all possible and impossible ways. We shall unite the forces in the prevention of cardiovascularย problems in order to maintain a long and happy life.

The meaning of the time

What does World Heart Day in 2022 mean for Americans? Not only for US citizens but for the whole civilization. This anniversary has worldwide meaning because nobody can stay apart from these serious illnesses that are cardiovascular system of the body.

World Heart Day

Almost in every family, somebody is suffering from one or another form of the illness. No wonder, because the causes for complaints are very easy and even routine for example, if you are not doing any sports it may lead to overweight and serious cardiac crisis.ย  So, the first and general purpose of the holiday is to raise people’ awareness of the scales of this modern health catastrophe and to provide some preventive actions. The danger is so serious that every individual on the Earth must respect the day when is International Heart Day in 2022. It is the time to start thinking about your life and the life of your relatives, to begin a new style of life refusing bad behaviors and passive life mood. It is the precious occasion to maintain those who had survived the heart attack and tries nowadays to restart the living. Their example will perfectly show that it is better to prevent the crisis than to have some heart problems.

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The history of the anniversary

Beginning with 1999, the World Heart Day has commemorated annually in most that 100 countries of the world. It has a date โ€“ it is September 29th. The World Heart Federation firstly took the initiative and proposed to set up the day dedicated to all hearts in the Universe. This action was sustained by World Health Organization (WHO), by UNESCO and other global institutions. At its origins, the celebration was held the last Sunday of September still since 2011 one began to honor it the 29th day of September.

The fight against cardiovascular diseases (CVD) and their avoidance are the most urgent all over the world. According to the resources of WHO, this type of maladies causes a half of total mortal accidents in the world and one-third of disablement. Every year they take 17,5 million of human lives.

Unfortunately, the number of deaths is getting bigger from year to year. The blood stroke and heart troubles occur the major levels in all CVD leading to the worst results. Scientists claim more than 23 million of men will die because of CVD by 2030.

Speaking about when is National Heart Day in 2022, it is more and more often marked red in the calendars. It also would like to remind us to stay calm in our lives, do not pay attention to little problems, do not concentrate on all risk factors influencing the sinister heart attack. Every one of us must understand the uniqueness of our existence, be grateful for it and appreciate every second, minute, and moment.

The definition of the holiday

It is curious to underline that risks of the disease do not depend on the country, race, and religion. They are widespread in both rich and poor states, choosing both men and women. One may ask if there are some ways of anticipating the illness? Yes, they are clear and simple to perform. Doctors give following pieces of advice on how to diminish the factors of risks:

  • Start to eat healthy food rich in vitamins, proteins, and micro elements
  • Begin to go in for sports. Never mind what kind of sport you will prefer โ€“ just keep being fit and do regular physical exercises
  • Quit smoking
  • Maintain a normal body weight, control the overweight
  • Visit doctors every half a year and control your blood pressure if you feel a discomfort
  • Do some medical tests which can show your cholesterol and glucose level.
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Nowadays, children are under big risks of heart illnesses because the malady spreads very quickly. Parents should help them, encourage in battle and heart attack prevention. They must encourage kids not to lose hope.

As one can see, all the mentioned points are health improving and it is not difficult to follow them. The celebration of the date what is National Heart Day in 2022 may become a new period of your life. Do not be afraid to change something bad to something good.

What are the WHD facts and traditions?

The health of every nationality depends not only on a good lifestyle but also on some educational methods and preventive lessons. Parents should explain it to the children from the early age in order to protect them and anticipate some serious injuries. If one does not take care of the children’ health in their childhood, they may suffer from CVD in adult life. How can we share the celebration of the โ€œclapperโ€ day? Every person may and should low the risks of cardiovascular diseases in his family. It will be the best way in uniting with the whole world.

World Heart Day

Follow some simple instructions and you will see positive changes in your feelings but your world vision will become better:

  • First of all, go to the doctor’s and ask him to measure your blood pressure level. Some people are afraid to discover some bad things about their health, which is wrong. It is better to know an enemy in the face that to continue dying softly. Every responsible person is due to take medical exams twice a year. Even if you already have some problems, it will help provide a special treatment.
  • Begin a new active lifestyle. Invite your children and friends to do outdoor physical activities, do it systematically. Play football or tennis, rollerblade or play hide-and-seek โ€“ ways are numerous. If the weather is bad, go to the gym but do not interrupt the exercises.
  • Initialize the healthy cooking in your house. Refuse fast food, eat more fruits and vegetables. Try to take meals in the morning, afternoon and evening, do not miss any of them. A good option is to gather all the family and speak about hopes and problems while eating. Specialists also advise consuming less alcohol and alcoholic drinks.
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The anniversary is sustained by many charity organizations, State powers, and volunteers. You may assist at any of the reunions or meetings. In every country, there are held scientific conferences which explain the importance of the good health of every individual for the whole society. There are many interesting events as sports competitions and public contests pushing us to begin an active mood of living. They are free for everyone and you can easily take part in them.

In addition to this, the organizers of events and parties provide a free general medical examination for all citizens. You are also invited to check the state of every part of the body. Without any but all you need is your desire to live a long life. Many hospitals and doctors give consultations, assure seminars and informative reunions to get people more aware of the possibility of heart attack.

As a result, tell your friends and family what day is National Heart Day in 2022 and celebrate the feast of happy and amazing life!


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