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🤯 When is National Ask A Stupid Question Day 2022

When is National Ask A Stupid Question Day in 2022? Can you answer this question properly or do you need some time for thinking? As a rule, it is really difficult to do it, even if the opponent gives you some minutes for recollecting.

Surely every person has got into a situation when he/she was asked a stupid or unambiguous question, the answer to which we wouldn’t like to give. For example, “Are you going to get married soon?” or “Have not you been kicked out of work yet?” As a result, you get into an uncomfortable position. Are we right? – Certainly, we are!

Frankly speaking, that is the main reason, why have made a decision to discover this amazing or even ridiculous matter in as many details as it is possible.


We understand that it would be quite difficult to answer the question “When is International Ask A Stupid Question Day 2022?” without the explanation of the historical background of this even.

National Ask A Stupid Question Day

First of all we want to admit that the holiday is kept annually on September 28 and this year it will happen on Friday.

The history of this special occasion is not very long but rather amazing indeed. The idea to establish this notable date appeared in 1980s, when some teachers understood that there was a great amount of students, who are afraid to ask questions because of the fear to look or to sound stupid.  That was the ground for creation the holiday, during which everybody was able to do it without any problems. In such a way adults encouraged the kids to be braver and more curious. Since that very moment Ask A Stupid Question Day has become a terrific tradition in all American schools, ranging to India and Britain.

Nowadays, September 28 is an expected moment both for students and for teachers. They are happy to be involved in the interesting, unusual and sometimes even amazing dialogue. The adults like to understand the interests of their listeners better.


What does National Ask A Stupid Question Day mean? – It is up to you to decide, whether to celebrate it in general or to forget about its existence.

There are special psychological strategies, following which you can’t only respond to tricky questions and put your opponent in an uncomfortable position, but also to look well. In order not to seem ridiculous, first of all it is necessary to study these points and ask friends or relatives to train them with you.


Trying to find out the answer to the question “What is the date of National Ask A Stupid Question Day 2022?” contemporary people usually want to find out something interesting about the matter mentioned above.

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So would you like to know how to react properly to all occasions?

And now we are going to introduce you all the relevant answers that will help you get out and avoid an unpleasant situation:

  • I’m just delighted with your talent to ask such incorrect questions!
  • Please take your nose. I found it in my affairs.
  • Are you so keenly interested in my life? I feel like a real star. Do you know that stars do not like to advertise their business?

And there is one more suitable example. – Unmarried girls are often got into the embarrassing situations, when they are asked about their personal life. With dignity, you can get out of this situation by answering, “I wonder if I was married, would you ask when I finally divorce?!”


When is Ask A Stupid Question Day in 2022, calendar will definitely remind you any time you like. However, are you ready to celebrate this special occasion properly?

Unfortunately, there are no special rules and customs for its keeping. But, of course, it is not a problem for those guys and ladies, who are going to organize a real holiday.

Dig into the brain, find something special and ask all the questions that appear in your head, while you are lying in bed, trying to fall asleep or having a shower. You see, some people wonder about the phenomena, which doesn’t have any logical background.  So that is not a great surprise indeed.

Some specialists recommend to have a rather unusual party. – Invite a lot of people and ask them to write their questions on the small sheets of paper. After that put them all into the hat or a bright box, take one by one randomly and reply in turn. You will get a lot of fun.

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There are people, who always visit a library on September 28 or purchase a new encyclopedia for the whole family. The thematic direction can be quite different, as it depends on your personal preferences.

Ask A Stupid Question Day Facts

In our attempts to find out the answer to the question, what day World Ask a Stupid Question Day in 2022 is, we can’t but mention the children’s desire to know everything and at once.

Starting from about 3 years old, kids just do not stop. They are all interested in learning, so questions are poured on poor parents and other family members by so-called endless stream. If the adults used to be happy with every new sound or word of the baby before, now they do not know how to make their son or daughter to keep silence at least for a few minutes.

As you know, young children are great researchers. It is important for them to know everything that is happening and why it is happening here and now. So they ask questions all the time and say a lot: “Who is this?”, “Why is it doing this?”, “Where is the car going?” As a rule, the child believes that his/her parents know everything and he/she will get the answer to any question.

All in all scientists have calculated that a kid asks about 300 questions per day, so parents should be seriously prepared at this time and do not brush off the child, even if he/she asks this question for the tenth time.

By the way so psychologists are sure, that the constant asking happens in the case of deep and strange feelings, experienced by the small person. In this situation questions may be sounded in order to overcome huge fear. For example, if your daughter or son asks something like “Why does the dog barks?” it may mean that the kid is afraid of the dog. Try to feel it, to understand the emotions and to explain everything carefully.

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And at other times your baby can ask a bunch of questions and talk without interruption simply because it wants to communicate with the parents.

The specialists are sure that all children sometimes ask questions that are difficult to answer. For example, one four-year-old from a family with three children asked a friend of the mother: “Why do you have only two children?” The lady thought that a truthful answer could upset the baby (she only wanted two children), so she replies the question with a question: “Why do you think I have only two children?” The kind was puzzled for a while and then said, ” Because you so wanted, ” You see as a result everybody was happy.

Problems can arise when children ask incorrect questions. For example, being in the large department store, your child can point a finger at someone and loudly ask: “Why is the uncle so fat?” The kid does not understand that his question offends a person. He/she asks only out of curiosity, and you have to feel shame because of the question. The best way out of this situation is to respond quickly and clearly: “Because he is like this,” and then try to distract the child to another subject or promise to satisfy the curiosity later at home. Usually it works, but, of course, not always.

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