The most people have their own families. Usually, this families contains fathers, mothers and a child\children.  And of course men could not miss this important part of our lives, so they invented some feasts (for example – International Mother’s Day). But not everyone knows that there is a special celebration for our daddies – Father’s Day. And when is Father’s Day in 2022? It is on the 21st of June.


It happened about one hundred years ago in the United States of America. Sonora (Smart) Dodd was taking part in the liturgy in honor of  Mother’s Day. During this she thought about her father: “When my mom died, my sisters and I were raising by our dad – William Jackson Smart. He is worth to know how much I do love him, and how proud I am of him. He is so very special – he sacrificed everything to fulfill all of his parental duties. My father is the most courageous, generous, and loving man I have ever met in my life.

Father’s Day

Then she appealed to the local authorities with a proposal to establish a new festival. She was supported, and a new celebration was going to be feasting on the 5th of June – the birthday of William Smart, but there was not enough time to prepare everything, and the holiday was moved to June 19th. But this year the date is changing. Well, it is okay to ask: “what day Father’s Day in 2022?”. And there is an answer – on the 21st of June.


Festivities on this occasion are marked with the awarding a medal “For fidelity to his father’s debt”, some entertainments and there are a few bonuses, of course. PAPA FEST the main event on this celebration. Here daddies can get lots of congratulations and some pleasantness. But other people (like kids and women) can also find what to do. Musical, funny and informative sections are open and waiting for visitors.

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If men want to learn something new or to talk – it will not be a problem to make these wishes come true. Forums with up to hundreds participants are awaiting for new members. Representatives from social, charitable and religious organizations are speaking on scenes. Greetings, wishes for health, strong relationships and intimate family life sound everywhere. The most engaged hearers can take part in the discussions, listen to lectures and seminars. Of course, if you have missed that wonderful fest, you can watch it on TV. But it would be better to remember what is the date of Father’s Day 2022 (June 21 in the most countries).


Roses are the main flowers of the day. It is very important to not forget  about their color. The red ones mean that father is alive, and the white ones mean that dad is dead.

Some countries celebrate Father’s Day on another days. For example, in Germany humanity celebrate it on the Day of the Ascension,  Australians – on the first Sunday of September, the Italians – 19th March.

Father’s Day

In Estonia people celebrate Father’s Day on the 12th of November. Officially it has been celebrated since 1992, although before, of course in some families were often organized small celebrations in honor of the home defenders of the hearth.

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Before the eve of the November holiday in kindergarten themed matinee, and in primary and  hight schools pupils make concerts for their parents. Children give to dads homemade postals and gifts – often cut from colorful paper and painted  neckties or autos.

On the Father’s Day in some cities humanity hangs flags.

The date of this event is changeable (every country has its own day for feasting).  Well, reply to the query “when is Father’s Day 2022” contains more than only one date: the 21st of June in the most countries, the 19th of March in Italia, on the 3rd of September in Australia, on the 25th of May in Germany, and on the 12th of November in Estonia.

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