Do you often ask questions? What were the silliest questions that you have ever asked? Sometimes people are very shy to get additional information from their collocutors. They are afraid of being silly and stupid, though it can be a real trouble of being shy when the answer is necessary. If you are such person, you can follow the tradition of asking questions on the concrete date of a year. When is National Ask a Question Day in 2020?


The idea of such weird occasion could came to the minds of very interesting people. They should be initiative and creative. The concrete year of such a holiday isn’t known exactly. People say that they have been celebrating the event for the last several years. Besides, there isn’t much information about the idea and the way of celebration itself.

There’re some sites which describe the new observance slightly. They don’t give much news about the events which are usually held on the date. They also don’t describe the places which are chosen for the observance.

The first year of the observance is also unknown. The event was set several years ago by someone unknown. The name of the initiator is unknown and the country is unknown too. The date of celebration coincides with Albert Einstein’s birthday. Some people explain the choice of the date with this fact. They insist that it was the best chance for asking questions, silly or not.

Question sign

By the last years the event has gained much attention by the great amount of people who have got many questions but haven’t asked them yet. The event is also described in Facebook and other social nets. People describe their interviews and post articles there. If you want to become a part of history of the event, you can join the followers on the date. You need to know what day Ask a Question Day is. It’s on the 14th of March.


What does Ask a Question Day mean? The event hasn’t got a serious national value. People don’t follow it with obligatory traditions. It even hasn’t got a certain plan of celebration. It is just an observance which can be followed by a person on his own will. If you have got a certain number of questions which haven’t been asked before, you can do it during the holiday.

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Don’t wait for vacations on the date. Governments don’t give additional week-ends during the observance of the day. You can use it still to have a conversation with relatives, friends or colleagues. It is considered that if you need a reply on any topic, you can get it without any difficulty.

The way of asking a question isn’t very important. If you are too shy or you are afraid of some people who you need to talk with, you can follow the observance and start a conversation. You can also write a note to a person.

You should always use the opportunity to start a conversation with a person. This can make your life easier, especially when your question is rather burning. Don’t be afraid of being stupid. Ask the strangest, oddest and wildest question he or she ever heard. You will be in the center of people’s attention. You will become a hero of the day. Besides, the main aim of the observance was to make people freer and more liberated.  When is International Ask a Question Day 2020? It’s celebrated on the Albert Einstein’s birthday which is on the 14th of March.


The title of the holiday seems to be well-understood by every person, though there are some people who don’t have any imagination what question they should ask. The knowledge of English gives many opportunities to find information in Facebook or other social nets about this strange observance. Everybody can find explanations and follow the tradition, though it may happen that he or she will need to explain his own position. The holiday is a rather strange observance and need some explanation, though some people follow it in their everyday life.

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The word “question” itself is described in many vocabularies and is rather clear to many people. It’s used as a noun and verb. It is something that you ask. You can make it orally or in the written form. It’s an interrogative expression. It is used to test somebody’s knowledge about any topic. It can also be an issue of any debate. People also use the term in order to make investigations and get some answers on the topic.

The word has got the Latin origin. It transferred into Anglo-French and later came into Middle English. People started using it in the modern sense in the 1300s. The term also got several derivatives.

What is the date of Ask a Question Day? It’s on the 14th of March


The occasion hasn’t got certain traditions which are usual for many other observances. It can’t be even named as a holiday. There’s no need to follow a concrete plan to follow the date. People don’t need to go out in the streets and parks. There aren’t any festivals and parades. You won’t meat crowds in festive clothes or costumes. Nevertheless, the day can become a real tradition for everybody.

It happens sometimes that people have many question and uncertainties which they can’t manage themselves. The problem gets worse due to shyness and hesitation. But many problems can be solved by small questions. So why don’t you ask them at all? It is the day when everybody can ask them without the fear of being bulled. It is a chance to get answers for every burning issue.

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Students can also use the occasion in order to solve their undecided matters. They can have a talk with their teachers who will certainly accept the rule of the day. They even won’t pay attention on the stupidity of the conversation. The event can also be used by hesitating men who don’t have enough braveness to ask their girlfriends to marry them. The answer will be “Yes”. The problems will be solved in a short period of time due to the core of the event.

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If you aren’t brave enough to solve your problems beforehand, you should use your last chance and follow the traditions of the day. Start a conversation while the day lasts or it may be too late. Follow the calendar and find the event in the Internet: “When is Ask a Question Day in 2020, calendar of the world holidays and observances”. Join the followers of the event on the 14th of March.

National Ask a Question Day Facts

You won’t find any facts about this occasion but you will find much interesting information about one of the most curious and strange person in the world Albert Einstein.

  • The head of a small child was so misshapen and big that his parents thought he would be a cripple. He even didn’t speak until he was 4, though he thought that he hadn’t got any necessity to do that.
  • It is supposed that the man and his wife had a daughter who was illegitimate. It can be explained by the poverty of the couple.
  • His demands to his future wife were described in a contract. One of the most interesting demands was to stop talking if he needed silence. The couple couldn’t avoid divorcing.
  • The scientist won the Noble Prize in 1921 but he never used the money. It was used as the trust for his children.
  • He had problems with his memory. Thus, he couldn’t remember telephone numbers and dates.
  • The Einstein’s body was cremated. But his brain was left for further study. It is preserved in Princeton University.


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