Every year millions of people celebrate Independence Day. One part of the world do that on the 4th of July, but the population of the United States of America stands out (especially Texas) – they feast it on the different day. And it is not surprising if there is one question in your head – when is Texas State Holidays in 2020? The answer is – June 19th.

Actually, International Women’s Emancipation Day is celebrated on the 30th of July, but so what? People think that this feast started on the same day in 1431 – Joan of Arc was executed. It’s better to remind you who she was. Joan was a great woman – she did better in the men’s employments – war and diplomacy. By the way, Germany has adopted a law “Of the legal status of the women’s officials”.

Texas State Holidays


In Texas – one of the hugest states of the United States – humans made a decision, as usual, to go their own way, so they established their own Emancipation Day, which is celebrated on the 19th of June. If we go back in time, we would know that this solution was not made just for a reason – Afro-Americans got free from bondage in 1865.

Nowadays, we can not see any reasons that women’s rights need to be protected in that state.  And it’s impossible to not notice one interesting fact – there are more females than males in Texas. In general, however, but June 19th is an official day of the Independence Day in the United States of America. The weak part of that countries celebrate their freedom and equality with opposite sex – men in social, work and family life – because that is what does “emancipation” truly means in its modern sense. So,  it will not be excess to bring to your mind the answer to the question “what day Texas State Holidays in 2020?” – the 19th of June.

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  • Independence Day in the United States is also called Juneteenth (June + Nineteenth)
  • America desided to feast that day like one of the others national celebrations
  • Emancipation Day was registered in 1890, and, as you can guess, is continuing celebrating in our time
  • By signing the Compensated Act, president made free more than 3000 helots in the DC
  • Then, it happened only about nine months later, when Abraham Lincoln gave freedom to over one million serfs. Across more than a half of states.
  • First big event was on the July 19th. Well, now you have no chance to forget when is Texas State Holidays 2020.

Texas State Holidays


Per annum in Texas on the 19th of June women go out from their houses for celebrating their liberty and independence in the modern world. But it is not important, if you are not a woman – men are able to have a very great day too! Rodeo, sport games, fishing, cooking competitions, bbq, quickly-hamburger-eating and so on. It is impossible to not take a part in that entertainments, is not it? By the way, population of the United States of America cam remember their own story on this day. In some towns very active people prepare public lections, theatre plays and conferences, where other people can learn something new about the happenings, which are in the past.

Lots of Americans love this feast very much. Because the same scopes are hard to find in any other country or on any other celebration. So, if some of your siblings or friends are interested in that now and asking you “what is the date of Texas State Holidays 2020” – just tell them “it’s on June 19th”, buy tickets and go!


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