United Nations International Day for South-South Cooperation

September 12 approved International Day of the United Nations Organization for South-South Cooperation. In 1974, the UN General Assembly approved the creation of a special unit under the UN Development Program to promote technical cooperation between developing countries. This initiative led to the creation of the main coordinating body for South-South cooperation and tripartite cooperation in the international arena within the UN system – the UN Office for South-South Cooperation.

In 1978, an action plan for the development and implementation of this cooperation was approved at the conference in Buenos Aires, which was attended by the countries of the South on technical cooperation. The Buenos Aires plan became the basis of South-South cooperation, the above-mentioned United Nations Cooperation Office coordinates activities in this area.

South-South cooperation is an important link in international relations. It opens up real opportunities for gradual economic growth to countries with a transition economy or a developing economy. The problem of poverty in the countries of the South is not a lack of potential or abilities, but more often the problem is the incomplete use and irrational distribution of resources. Having gained support, ensuring the exchange of knowledge and ideas, the countries of the South are able to strengthen their positions.

United Nations International Day for South-South Cooperation
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