The Civil Rights Day is an annual holiday in United States of America that honors the memory of the great Martin Luther King junior and the general fight for personal freedom.

It originates from the 1968, the year in which the ambassador of peace and equality, known to us as Luther King, was brutally killed. He viciously fought against any sort of discrimination, especially racial, as well as for the sake of pacifism and amicable ways of solving any conflicts.

The ambiguous Ronald Reagan himself finally turned that day into a genuine holiday in 1983. Three years after his decision this glorious date was celebrated for the first time ever.

Civil Rights Day

So when is Civil Rights Day in 2021 exactly? It’s observed annually near the birthday of inimitable freedom fighter Martin Luther, on the third Monday of January. Thus, this year it falls on sixteenth of January, just one day after his actual birthday.

When holiday was just established, majority of states refused to accept it in one way or another. Some of them denied it completely, while other gave it various different names and observed it not as discrete holiday, but rather part of some other dates. For example, Virginia combined it with Lee-Jackson Day and several other states commemorated not only memory of King junior, but also the birth of another famous fighter for freedom, Robert Edward Lee.

In all fifty states it wasn’t observed until the 2000. Nowadays, it’s observed not only in America, but in some other countries, like Canada and some parts of Japan.

The importance of this holiday

In our times, personal freedom and equality is closer than ever, yet still so far. And while in some countries men and women are treated as equals, people of any confession can work side by side, and even sexual and racial prejudices are completely wiped out or nearly erased, there are still plenty of countries where all this horrible things still exist. There are so many examples that it’s nearly impossible to list all of them, but we still can name few.

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In America, regardless of all the fight and effort that put into its erasure, still exists such idea as racism, even if it’s strictly forbidden and condemned. Of course, it will be defeated someday, but not today. That’s why Civil Rights Day is important.

Another sad example is USSR. There was no such thing as personal freedom, because all of people were considered only as parts of political machine called communism. Obviously, USSR is non-existent at the time, but some of CIS countries show worrying tendencies of establishing and accepting laws, that can throw any of those countries back in time and development.

In majority of far-East countries women still can be killed by their men or basically by the angered crowd without any punishing of such activities. Not to say that those countries tend to be one of the most religious and stick-in-the-mud all around the globe.

List can go on, but idea is already clear – our planet is far from ideal. Thus, we need to make it better every day in any possible way. And the struggle for freedom is inseparable part of this process.

So, if you want to commemorate and honor the memory of man that was one of the pioneers of holy war against discrimination and stagnation, you need to remember what day Civil Rights Day in 2021 and attend to its celebration.

Civil Rights Day

Martin Luther King Junior

Michael King Junior came into the world on the fifteenth of January. He is well-known all across the Globe for his non-violent pacifistic means of fighting against injustice and prejudice. As a sincere Christian, he believed in ways of winning conflicts without any fights, only by patience. His way of resistance was passive disobedience, his worshippers were genuine pacifists.

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When is Civil Rights Day 2021? The date varies in relation to current year and its days of week, but it’s always set near the day of Martin’s birthday.

It is sad, but also a bit ironical, how after the tragic death of this outstanding pacifist people all across the United States started countless riots, which led to the destruction and impairments of property and infrastructure. Of course, this situation is completely understandable. When someone kills the man, who sincerely and with all this heart wanted to make world happier, who was legend nonetheless, it’s explicable to feel angered and displeased.

You can honor the memory of this great person by attending to his birthday celebration. So, what is the date of Civil Rights Day 2021 exactly? The answer is January 18th.

Martin Luther King Junior

How it is celebrated

Dozens of men and women of any race and religion honor the memory of Luther King while also attending to the live issue of Civil Rights. In some of the states, the majority of shops and public services are being closed on that day. Also, this day is postal holiday, too.

As on any celebratory day, on the third Monday of January public transportation system works by contracted schedule or simply just doesn’t work. That may cause a lot of trouble to busy people, so if you have any business planned, you better get in touch with your local authorities to know these schedules for sure.

Students are getting involved in various school activities related to Civil Rights Day, such as absorbing quizzes and breathtaking class reports. This helps them learn in an interesting way.

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Mass media, of course, is another important part of celebrating, as it helps bring light on the topic of personal freedom and rights, while also making this entertaining and exciting.

Thus, when you wonder, when is Civil Rights Day in 2021, you don’t need to check your calendar. You can hear it on radio or TV or simply look it up on the internet.

Then you can gather more information about the world, in which we are living in, you can learn about its problems and find a way to mend the situation. We are blessed with living in the age of technology and we must use this opportunity to put up a good fight against discrimination, stagnation, ignorance and injustice. And when we will finally win, everybody shall be happy.


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