In many countries all over the world people celebrate Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Parent’s Day and even Family Day. So, why not Children’s Day then? The meaning of this day is not only festivities and fun, but it also reminds us about the main mission of adults towards children – to grow them in peace and love, to take care of them and their education. When is Children’s Day in 2019? In order to answer this question, let’s look into the history of this holiday.

Worldwide definition

The importance of this festivity is indisputable. This holiday is celebrated in many countries not the first decade. However, it is recognizable not only as Children’s Day. It can also have some other names such as:

  • International Children’s Day;
  • World Children’s Day;
  • Universal Children’s Day.

Children's Day

In spite of different names of this holiday, the meaning stays the same. It is still about young ones and their important role in our society. What day Children’s Day in 2019? Generally this feast has a fixed date. Even though, in different countries it is a different date.

From the same beginning this feast was established as a national holiday in Turkey in the thirties of the 20th century. Then this festivity also has got its own date – April, 23. Historically it was celebrated even earlier but officially it became a national feast only now.

Universal Children’s Day is on the 20th of November. It became an official national feast in the fifties of the 20th century. The aim of this holiday was to protect young generation from long working hours, to provide them a chance for education and to insure other rights of young ones. As only the Declaration of the rights of the child was adopted by the UN (United Nations), a lot of European countries started to celebrate Children’s Day on the 20th of November.

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As for International Children’s Day, it has its own history. It was established as a national feast on the ordinary international conference when governments of different countries have chosen a fixed date for this feast. So, when is Children’s Day 2019 as an international one? The answer is simple. Every year it is celebrated on the same date – the 1st of June. Most countries of Eastern Europe celebrate this festivity on this date.


The main idea of this festivity is attraction of attention to kids. This includes not only attention to own ones but also to those who has problems with health, do not have family at all or cannot get simple things for different  reasons. For example, there are lots of kids from poor countries who really need a help. On this special feast dedicated to young ones, different charitable activities have a place.

In such activities take part individual entrepreneurs, worldwide famous companies or just simple people.

This holiday has a deep special meaning but you still can enjoy different festivities which are organized for kids every year. Generally, these activities are free. It can be a street show or concert, games or charitable initiatives. It is a day when on TV there are lots of programs and cartoons for young ones that they can watch together with their parents.

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Although, as it has been said, people try to pay attention to their kids but they also want to help other little ones and send small sum to charity organization or to the nearest orphanage. Some of those who cannot help with money, donate clothes, toys or even books. People in the whole world try to give maximum love, attention and honor to children. And it does not matter if it is your own child or not.

Most of the countries celebrate this special feast dedicated to young generation in November, 20 or June, 1. And every year it is the same date. There are also a lot of other countries which has this holiday on completely another date. However, what is the difference if the definition and traditions are more or less the same. It does not matter what is the date of Children’s Day 2019, 2020, 2021 or any other year if you keep a real message of this holiday in your heart.

Children's Day

Interesting facts

This feast is well-known in many countries but some facts about this holiday are still not so famous.

  • This holiday can be celebrated on different dates and have different names in different countries. Although, the meaning and traditions of this festivity are the same all over the world.
  • Children’s Day is officially a national holiday in many countries.
  • It is the only feast that is aimed at protecting rights of every child. It gives adults one extra day per year when they can think about their role for little ones and if good enough they treat them in order to grow a happy and well-educated generation.
  • This holiday makes accent on different methods of raising kids. We should remember that today’s youth – our future tomorrow. It is good to remember this not only once per year.
  • When is Children’s Day in 2019, calendar can help to answer this question. However, the answer can be simple – all depends on what country you live in. So, most countries in Eastern Europe celebrate it on the 1st of June, most countries of Western Europe celebrate it on the 20th November, the USA has this holiday also in June but every year on different dates (second Sunday of June). In Brazil and Australia it is in October. In some countries it is really better to use a calendar to be sure when Children’s Day is because it can be a different date every year.
  • In Japan Day of Children is celebrated during the festival «Japanese Golden Week». It takes place in the beginning of May and celebrates with great honor to little ones.
  • Children’s Day is celebrated with great gusto in more than 100 countries.
  • World Children’s Day is on the 20th of November. Worldwide famous company McDonald’s on this date raises funds for the charity projects of «McDonald House Charities».
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To be responsible for young generation and keep in mind what is our role in a society towards children not only once per year but every day – the main message of Children’s Day. Being more kind, more attentive and more generous is a way to the happy future that we build with our own hands.


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