There are millions of animal lovers all over the world. It is believed pets are the best friends to people as they cannot betray their owners. Thousands of animal species are introduced and you should only choose your liking one. Today we are discussing the topic closely connected with given above. People love shopping and dressing as well as puppies do. However, some people consider this process as absolutely useless, but many proofs were found. Firstly, special clothes will be relevant during winter walks, when without proper warming they simply freeze over. Secondly, as for animals that have long fur, a walk without special clothing during or after the rain also turns into a bad and useless pastime. So, letโ€™s find out when is National Dress Your Pet Day in 2020?

The global observance is held yearly on 14th of January since 2007, when the animal dressing gained much popularity. The main purpose of the day is to visit a local store to dress up your lovely puppy. Also, we should commemorate and respect our small friends as the day was specially created for them. An author remains unknown but some legends exist.

Dressed up dogs


As it was told above, the author is unknown but it didnโ€™t stop us from making research to share the info with you. Thus, 3 stories were found. The first one is connected with England and the royal family who has been dog lovers during the whole history. Elizabeth II is a bright representative of this tendency. Once, in 2003, she decided to pay more attention to her doggy friends and made a purchase in Londonโ€™s Mall to the value of ยฃ3.000. The queen bought clothes for each day and season. That fact opened the way to National Holidayโ€™s creation in 2004. By the way, it is believed Queen Elizabeth II has the biggest variety of pet clothes around the world.

Well, letโ€™s consider the next one to better understand what day World Dress Your Pet Day in 2020 is. The second legend is about a German teenager who made research of petsโ€™ attitude to clothes during each season. She found out small friends love dressing in winter and rainy seasons. Firstly, itโ€™s not healthy for their fur to freeze over as it has property to worsen. Secondly, each dog or cat is an individual breed which needs a special approach. We have to keep in mind all the priorities and wishes of our puppies.

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The last legend seems to be a true story. In 2009, the national holiday was created by Colleen Paige, Celebrity Pet Lifestyle Expert, and Behaviourist. He convinced that pets should be dressed as they have similar needs to human ones.


What does National Dress Your Pet Day mean? Firstly, you have to find out more about your small friend. Donโ€™t be afraid of spending some hours on google important things. Secondly, visit the nearest market or store to choose the best variant for your animal kid, but you mustnโ€™t exaggerate as it can lead to recrudescence. Thirdly, the holidayโ€™s name tells you how to celebrate the day. So, take your lovely puppies to different competitions and make the boast of them.

In order to make you remember when is International Dress Your Pet Day 2020, we made a research and want to draw your attention to main tips while dressing up your pets. So, they are the following:

  • Always consult a veterinarian to check the condition of your companion animalโ€™s health. There can be some contraindications which can lead to many hazards.
  • While choosing the clothes, be sure it fits. Limitation in breath or movement can cause injuries and danger.
  • Puppies are fond of chewing. So, make sure they wonโ€™t eat that clothes.


It turns out many small breeds need clothes as much as people. In addition, the dog’s shoe will allow your puppy to walk through the snow and to keep warm his paws. Special overalls will protect the dog not only from the cold, but also from dirt, and bathrobe is a very useful thing that will allow collecting moisture from the wool, which otherwise would fall on carpets and furniture.

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We have collected some to-do list points that explains the main reason for having that clothes:

  • Warming function. Perhaps, this is the main purpose of dog clothes. Many small breeds, especially artificially hatched pugs, chihuahua and Chinese crested puppies need warm clothes. “Naked” winter walks can easily cause inflammation of the lungs. Do you want to endanger your dog’s health? Then take care of warmth and convenience, picking up overalls and “sneakers”.
  • Protective function. Basically, this refers not to clothing, but to footwear. In winter, icy pavements are covered not only with salt and sand but also with ice-consuming chemicals. Tender paws of animals can tolerate hot asphalt, but the reagents scattered along the winter roads can cause much damage.
  • Decorative function. Of course, this is also an important function of petโ€™s clothes. Many people want to dress up their puppy and behold it with original outfits and shoes. If the small friend feels comfortable wearing such decorative clothes, then why not? It is important only to choose the right size.

Dressed up dog


Different countries have own habits and traditions according to this event. The main one is bearing in mind what is the date of National Dress Your Pet Day 2020 not to miss such an opportunity. Usually, people dress up their animal friends and visit competitions to show their โ€˜swankyโ€™ pets. Yearly, New York Pet Dressing Show is held so that you can easily join the showing off process. In 2017, the main topic of the event was to show the most creative dogโ€™s costume. The winner was German Thomas Herrmann, the owner of 7 pets. Also, support the day via social media like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. Photos and videos gain momentum nowadays and are the easiest way to show your respect. Thus, there are many traditions and you should navigate yourself according to the country you are in.

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International Dress Your Pet Day Facts

  • The first dogโ€™s clothes were sewn in the UK in times of King Arthur. In fact, it did not differ: leather armor, in which the dogs were wrapped to protect them during bloody military clashes were the most popular.
  • Cloaks for puppies, remotely resembling modern, appeared only in the XVIII century. Prudish English came to the conclusion that it is indecent to appear in public with a โ€˜nakedโ€™ puppy.
  • The leading place for selling animal clothes is occupied by Japan. It is Japanese fashion designer Yukio Kato who is considered the father of dog fashion.
  • The clothesโ€™ assortment is diverse – blankets, shirts, pants, bathrobes, and raincoats are introduced, but the most popular among all types of pets clothes are overalls. This is the most practical and multifunctional costume for a pet of any breed and size, and the price dispersion is significant here.

To make a conclusion, keep your small friends trendy by bearing in mind when is Dress Your Pet Day in 2020, through the calendar.


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