Ternopil City Day

It is celebrated annually on August 28 Ternopil City Day. If the date of the celebration falls on a working day, the events are postponed to a weekend. On the solemn occasion, massive festive events are taking place in the city.

Ternopil is the cultural and religious center of the Ternopil region. In terms of size, Ternopil is the fourth largest city in western Ukraine. Ternopil is one of the three main centers of Galicia.

The city was founded in 1540 by Jan Tarnovsky. It is located on the Seret River. The first written mention of Ternopil dates back to April 15, 1540. Saint Teklya is considered the patroness of the city.

Interesting facts about the city of Ternopil

  • Ternopil is one of the two cities in Europe, in the center of which there is a lake (Ternopilsky Stav).
  • The longest cave in Eurasia – “Optimistichna” – is located on the territory of the region, 120 km from Ternopil.
  • “Fine city” – that’s how Ternopil came to be called after the release in 1994 of the song “Fine city of Ternopil” by the Gadyukin brothers.
  • Out of a hundred castles and castle structures in Ukraine, 34 are located in Ternopil and the region.
  • It was in Ternopil that for the first time in Ukraine, an electronic ticket for public transport started working.

Ternopil City Day
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