When is Grandparents Day in 2022? – That is the question, the answer to which may be interesting for many people all over the planet. But, frankly speaking, it is not easy to discover a proper anniversary. Why? – There are some reasons. But the matter is that there are some more or less similar holidays.

When is National Grandparent Day in 2022, calendar tells without any problems. – It is on September 13 and the day is considered to be fixed and celebrated in more than 30 countries of the world. But some territories have their own peculiar features.

Up to the present moment there is no any approved international celebration date. For example, in Poland, it was divided into two parts: the Grandmothers Day is celebrated on January 21, while the Grandfathers one – on January 22.

Grandparents Day

In Italy, the celebrations usually take place on the very first Sunday of October. In Turkey it was announced to be international and the local people celebrate it on February 8, just before famous St. Valentine’s Day. In France, on the very first Sunday of March they usually celebrate only the Grandmother Day.

All in all we can’t but mention that the role of grandparents is really invaluable in the life of a young family. These people may help a lot in the children bringing up. When the contemporary parents are very busy at work, grandpas and grandmas usually help with older generation. You see, beloved grandparents deserve this holiday.

When does the holiday come from?

In 1990 the UN General Assembly declared “International Day for the Elderly People”, which has been celebrated on October 1 since 1991.

UN has a proper reason: the population of the Earth is aging rapidly all over the world. And at the same time we can’t tell that the life of the elderly is easy and careless. Every year on this day various public funds organize different charity events, hold festivals, conferences and congresses in order to protect the rights of older people. This is an officially adopted date. But what about the regional peculiar features?

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This holiday appeared absolutely spontaneously in the Netherlands in 2004. It was September 8, 2004. This day, by a strange coincidence, many elderly people came into the streets and the surrounding citizens were surprised to see so many seniors at the same time. Some of them came with their grandchildren and numerous relatives. That event was so warm and hearty, that it was decided to organize it again and again. So if you ask the local people, when is Grandparents Day 2022, they will answer you without any hesitation, of course.

Since then the festival has gained worldwide popularity and now it is celebrated in almost every country of the planet.

How is this day celebrated?

Some countries, taking the UN or their own initiative, have chosen other dates for this holiday establishment.

  • For example, France celebrates the International Grandmothers holiday on the first Sunday of March. Some travel agencies offer free guided tours. Leading shops open special departments, where the elderly people can buy discounted products. Restaurants have special festive menu for everybody.
  • Beginning from October 2015, the Italians have had the day of the grandparents. Accidentally or not, but this date coincides with the day of the guardian angels, celebrated in accordance with the Catholic calendar. Two years ago the President of the Republic made a special speech as to the new holiday, in which he mentioned that the grandparents were the custodians of family traditions and memories, making at the same time a huge contribution into strengthening of the families and generations in general.
  • In 2008, the International Grandparents Day was established in Turkey. It was set on February 8, just before the St. Valentine’s Day. The initiative was supported by the European Union as well as UNESCO.
  • In Poland the local people went further. As it was mentioned above they do not have a common date for both grandparents. On January 21 they celebrate the Grandmothers Day. Poles appreciate and love their grandparents. According to the polls of public opinions, a lot of men and women are sure that their moral principles, religious beliefs and feelings were given by grandmothers. In addition, most people consider their relationship with grandparents is very strong and hearty. During this day they definitely go to visit grandmas and always give them gifts and flowers. The elderly women, in their turn treat the guests to cakes as well as other tasty things.
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Grandparents Day

The next day, January 22, they have the Grandpa Day. It happens that grandfathers spend with their grandchildren less time than the grandmothers, but their presence in the child’s life is really very important. They neither bake pies nor cook a hearty meal, but who are always able to support, when you need help, and to give wise advice for all occasions.

  • Would you like to know what is the date of Grandparents Day 2022 in Canada and the USA? – We will inform you with pleasure. – On the first Sunday of every September. As a rule, this day Canadians and Americans celebrate together with their families in the open air. They tend to have the barbecues absolutely in any weather.
  • Russians celebrate Grandparents’ Day on September 13. Every year. Usually the weather is more or less warm in these last autumn days. Hearty family gatherings help to keep positive emotions before long and cold winter.

What to give as a present?

So you have already known, what day National Grandparents Day in 2022 is, and it is a high time to discover something important about the presents for our beloved relatives. According to the specialist’ point of view the traditional gifts are candies, sweets and household goods, something that will emphasize the comfort of the older generation at home.

The grandmothers will be especially glad to get simple kitchen appliances that facilitate their activity in the kitchen.

Also there is a very good European tradition to give some indoor plants in pots as a gift. This decision will be appreciated by older people.

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Another wonderful gift to grandparents will be a photo album with pictures of you and other family members. This thing is especially significant for those who live far away from their grandchildren and meet them not often. Album will be a good reminder that you love and care your older relatives. And, please, try to write some warm words inside, as they will turn your present into a significant item at home. Do you find the ordinary paper albums something out of date? – What about the digital photo frames then? They usually combine the functions of album and decorative interior elements.


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