When is International Women’s Day in 2017? – This question seems rather simple for the inhabitants of many corners of the contemporary world, where it is celebrated widely just at the beginning of the most beautiful season of the year, on March 8. Why do they find this data so important? – The matter is that it is believe a holiday of passionate love and inner admiration for the beloved women, who are the most terrific beings on earth. Many of them find its celebration to be the best one among all the public holidays. But have you ever thought, why is it called formal? – Frankly speaking, the matter is that originally this day was very politically motivated. It wasn’t a holiday of beautiful spring, passionate love and true admiration for the tender creatures. It meant real struggle, during which when the ladies were fighting for their simple rights at home, in close family circle and in ordinary everyday life.

The policy, which has been changed

If we want to get the proper answer to the question “What is the date of International Women’s Day 2017?” we won’t receive any new information. – On March 8, of course. Just at the same day as it was a year before. Why? – Because it is a constant one with a fixed date of celebration. Up to the present moment all the political background disappeared and nowadays we have a perfect spring holiday filled with joy, love, hugs, kisses and flowers. People try to say thank you to their favorite girls, ladies and women in order to show their love, admiration, warm and true positive emotions, which they are feeling. They wish success, harmony, elegance, joy, prosperity and health.

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International Women's Day 2017

This day is annually noticed by UN as a day of the women’s rights struggle all around the planet. And that is why we should mention that, historically, this date was celebrated as a women workers solidarity day against equality and emancipation.

Historical background

On March 8, 1908 in NY there was a meeting, the participants of which were holding different slogans, containing the information about the women equality. At that very moment about 15,000 ladies of different ages passed along the city roads, demanding shortage of working hours, proper and equal wages, better conditions at their working places and improvements in electoral laws.

Just two years later in 1910 in Copenhagen during the well-known activist called Clara Zetkin offered to celebrate the special day in order to attract special attention to the women’s problems.

All in all contemporary women can thank her for the creation of such a holiday.

There is no information, which is able to explain the process of turning the patriotic marches and the official demonstrations into the contemporary traditions filled with flowers, candies and small gifts. In the course of time, the revolutionary themes disappeared, even from cards. The accents have been changed to the honoring female beauty and motherhood. Sometimes it is confused with Mother’s Day.

The really popularity was obtained only in 1975 when the UN proclaimed the International Women’s Year and asked to select any day in the calendar for the anniversary celebration.


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Where is this holiday famous?

Nowadays this date is appreciated in many corners of the world. It is especially popular on the territory of the former USSR.

In addition we can’t but mention that this is a public holiday and a day off in Angola, Guinea-Bissau, Zambia, Kenya, Madagascar and many other countries. There is no surprise that the representatives of these territories have known the answer to the question “When is International Women’s Day 2017?” properly.

Popular holiday prototypes

  • The UN is actively promoting March 8 as a universal date, however, nowadays there are several other similar and important holidays.
  • October 15 is the International Day of Rural Women. This anniversary is also important as very little attention is usually paid to it.
  • In South Africa the Women’s day is celebrated on August 9. It is a public holiday, which is celebrated at the state level. Date is created to remember about the severe struggle of local activists against the government tyranny. On August 9, 1956, they prevented the introduction of mandatory certification of women in South Africa.
  • The Women’s Day, which was slightly different from the modern one, existed in ancient Rome. That day free ladies received gifts from their men, and slaves were granted a day off. Also we shouldn’t but mention that it was also celebrated in the spring, but on March 1.

International Women's Day

  • In Vietnam, there has been a tradition to congratulate the women for two thousand years. However, before it was decided to do it at Remembrance Day of Trung sisters, who are considered to be national heroines of the country as they had led the uprising against the Chinese invaders. And in the middle of the last century this date was gradually evolved into the International Women’s Day.
  • In Russia, as in several other countries, March 8 is an official holiday. It is a day when neither men nor women are working. Why do we pay attention to this detail? – The matter is that, for example, in Madagascar came to the issue selectively: they have decided that as this day is considered to be a women’s one, only ladies should have a rest. So while women are relaxing, the Madagascan men have to work hard for themselves and for their beautiful colleagues. No matter they know what day International Women’s Day in 2017 is in their native country.
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The main holiday attribute

Mimosa is considered to be the quite common traditional symbol of this day. But you are going to be rather surprised to discover that these plants have an entirely different name – Acacia dealbata. This acacia- mimosa is also a traditional gift on March 8 in Italy and Albania.

But French men give to their women violets and lilies of the valley on this day.

By the way, Portuguese women never celebrate it in the company of men. In this country on March 8 is a high time to organize so-called hen parties. So, you see, when is International Women’s Day in 2017, calendar shows without any problems, but the ways of its celebration depend much on the country.


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