When is National Newspaper Carrier Day in 2022? – Can you answer this question by yourself? Or do you need some prompts perhaps? As a rule, the most part of modern men and women has never heard about this holiday existence. We are almost sure that you are among them. This is the main reason why we are going to investigate this matter today.


Investigating the question what day Newspaper Carrier Day in 2022 is, we came to the conclusion that our follower would be really glad to know something interesting about the historical background of the event as well as about the people, who were its establishers. Unfortunately, it has turned out to become a difficult task to find any information available.

You see, even in antiquity, people, both men and women, felt the need to receive various facts, came from other countries or populated areas. Oral or written pieces of information were brought by numerous messengers to the cities, towns and countryside.

But, in the course of time, the more perfect the human civilization became, the more changes occurred in the ways and forms of postal communication.

In accordance with the specialists’ point of view, the beginning of the postal service is the birth of writing itself. Since the epoch of slave-owning countries, it became necessary for rulers to be aware of everything that is happening in their country. Then the postal service became orderly. The first institutions of such postal services appeared in ancient times. At first, these institutions were exclusively military. The most developed postal links were considered in Egypt. They are considered to become the predecessor of modern mail.


Of course, it is not a great surprise that contemporary people, both men and women, write typical paper letters to each other less. At the same time newspapers and magazines has become not so popular as it was just some years ago. Even taking into account these facts as a rule, the package of correspondence weighs a lot. As you understand, the sorted and grouped mail must be delivered to the destinations, which are located in different corners of the residence. The newspaper carrier may need a car or a bicycle for fast delivery service. Sometimes the driver is involved.

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All in all the main disadvantage of the profession is a low salary, combined with significant physical exercises and long distances overcoming. However, there are pluses. The newspapers carrier constantly communicates with people, and as a result in the years he or she usually has many friends or acquaintances. Another advantage is with such kind of occupation, a person doesn’t have the problems connected with hypodynamia. And finally, in order to master this profession man or woman does not require special education. At the same time, it can be a starting point for those who want to get an education in the field of postal communication.

First of all, we can’t but mention that the profession itself presupposes a good memory, including visual, the ability to navigate the area, attentiveness, the ability to concentrate and to distribute attention, politeness, and a neat appearance.

Diseases of the musculoskeletal system, respiratory system, cardiovascular, nervous system, hearing and vision loss, which cannot be compensated by special means, are the only contraindications.

The postman must know how to cope with different types of mailings, the rules for processing correspondence and delivery to recipients as well as to know the location of houses on the territory.


Thinking about the question “When is International Newspaper Carrier Day 2022?” we came to the conclusion that our followers would like to know more about the matter.

A newspapers carrier is usually a post office employee who delivers letters, press, and other correspondence to the definite amount of the recipients. In general we can’t but mention that this is an old profession that has essentially changed little over the several centuries of its existence. Like 200 years ago, this person takes the correspondence received at the post office and delivers it to the recipients. Usually the profession is considered to be suitable for those who have no interest in school subjects, but adores long walks and time spent in the open air.

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Well, the occupation of the newspapers carrier is not as easy as it may seem at the first sight. There are some people, who are sure that it doesn’t contain any difficulties. The matter is that the typical working day of men and women, who are involved starts early in the morning. As a rule, the amount of the correspondence is really huge. This is not everything. The newspapers carrier has to group the latest newspapers and the newest magazines in accordance with the streets and houses. Here everything depends on the required addresses. Also, he or she brings letters and parcels. Sometimes his or her duties include the delivery of pensions and money transfers.


When is Newspaper Carrier Day in 2022, calendar will remind you without any difficulties under the conditions you are going to celebrate. However, you have to be rather careful in memorizing the date of the holiday. It is on September 4th annually, but you shouldn’t expect to have the celebrations organized on the state level or just by local authorities.

Well, it is not the reason for being upset, of course. – You are always free to organize a special holiday for yourself as well as for the whole surrounding. What about discovering something new about the representatives of this profession? – Up to the present moment there are a lot of magazines, newspapers, internet articles and documentaries devoted to this direction.

We also recommend you to spend September 4th like a real newspaper carrier. You can help the local postman to do his or her job. Or you may publish your own edition and share it. It may be something small, of course. As the practice shows, the people will be glad to receive even the sheet of paper created by you.

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Try to involve your children and you will obtain the devoted and excited people holding the same views.

National Newspaper Carrier Day Facts

The question “What is the date of Newspaper Carrier Day in 2022?” needs some additional clarifications and explanations.

Up to the present moment the sphere of mail delivery has already improved significantly all around the planet. Why? – The matter is that contemporary people want to get their correspondence as quickly as it is possible and all the year round. They don’t want to have any delays because of bad weather or any other circumstances.

The Norwegian postal service called Posten has found the decision. Their representatives have already agreed on a partnership with the American firm Mobility in the field of robotics. The robots move at a speed of 6 km / h and push the correspondence to the door of the house. It seems unbelievable, but it has become somebody’s reality already.

The company specialists promise to save money and to compensate for the expenses. They also plan to reduce the mail volumes dramatically. Nowadays the postman robot resembles a box on wheels, which travels at a speed of 6 km / h and can potentially deliver mail to 100 addresses per day. Before approaching the house, the robot will send a message to the recipient through a special application. It will contain a code that opens the compartment with mail or parcel. As soon as the robot delivers all mail, it will return to the nearest post office in order to charge the batteries and wait until it loads a new batch of mail.

Moreover, another advantage is that it will be possible to make money on the delivery of parcels and packages.


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