Notary Day

September 2 is celebrated Notary Day – professional holiday of notaries.

Notary day in history

It was approved on February 22, 2010 by President Yushchenko at the request of the Chamber of Notaries, which consists of 5,000 notaries. Notarial activity is an important component in the development of the rule of law, in assisting individuals and organizations in exercising legal rights and protecting their interests. Notary Day is not a public holiday. All notaries working in public and private notary offices and archives are congratulated on this day.

The notary in Ukraine is a system of state bodies and official subjects.

I wonder about notaries

  • The duties of notaries include performing notarial actions related to the certification of legal rights and facts.
  • Notaries are used by about 70% of the world’s population.
  • The right to be a notary is granted not only by a document on a higher legal education. Obtaining a special license for conducting notarial activities is also mandatory.
  • A notary must certify only those facts of which he is 100% sure of the truth.

Notary Day


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