On the last Monday before Easter begins the most sorrowful for Orthodox passion week. These are the days when all churches begin special worship and activities reminiscent of Christ’s path to the place where the Savior brought redemptive sacrifice for all mankind. Each day of Holy week are deeply symbolic, and it’s not just memories of the events of the past two thousand years old, but directly to their empathy. So, when is Orthodox Easter Monday in 2022?

Facts about the Festival

Great Monday is the first day of the Holy week. On this day the divine services remember forefather Joseph Wonderful sold brothers in Egypt, as the prototype of the suffering of Christ; as well as the Gospel narrative of the curse of the Lord the barren fig tree, symbolizing the soul does not bear spiritual fruit is true repentance, faith, prayer and good deeds. In order to know, what day Orthodox Easter Monday in 2022, we should learn more facts.

Orthodox Easter Monday 2018

In Orthodox churches in great Monday committed liturgy holy gifts. Unique liturgy of lent and Holy week during which the Orthodox sacrament being enlightened, sanctified before. With the utmost solemnity, this mournful liturgy always commits the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill, whose sermons especially deep sound key themes of passion week.

Holy week, as well as the first week of great lent, is a spiritual feast, it is a great joy and a great celebration. And every day brings new energy and new strength to those who dedicated his life to serving God, who has the good fortune to be in the morning and in the evening in the temple to pray and hear those wonderful words, nourish your soul.

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How to celebrate this holiday?

Although most ordinary believers the laity in these uneasy on weekdays to attend Orthodox churches, it is very important for them to find a way to at least pick up the Holy Bible scripture to read about the events of Holy week and open your heart to the great tribulation rasp jet a and joy light of Christ Sunday. We should learn the way of celebration, before learning when is Orthodox Easter Monday 2022.

Each day of the Holy week called the great. Hence the name of the great Orthodox Easter Monday. Last Holy week of Lent begins with a great Monday. On this day, the main content of the great service and the chants are two themes. Primarily in Orthodox churches remember sad prototype of Jesus Christ, the forefather of Joseph, whose brothers sold into slavery in Egypt. On the same day, parishioners listen to the Gospel story of how Jesus cursed the fig tree covered green foliage, but it’s quite barren, withered under the eyes of the Lord and his companions, the tree is the symbol of the curse of souls, which brings no spiritual fruit: faith, prayer, true repentance, good things.


The entire Holy week-not the usual time, but a special, sacred. Each day opens one of the seven dimensions of meaning in the world, which is not just a tribute to historical events but continued the ground of being. This week summary of the entire history of the world. So what does the phrase “Great Monday? It follows immediately after the Palm Sunday, the entrance of the Lord into Jerusalem. The triumphal entry into Jerusalem as a Savior, Messiah symbolizes the coming of Christ in our hearts. Because Jerusalem is the heart of the world, the main spiritual capital of mankind.

The history and significance of the feast

History of the holiday will help us know what is the date of Orthodox Easter Monday 2022. Christ, God comes to Jerusalem to complete his earthly mission. Not only to be betrayed and crucified but to resurrect and revive together with yourself with all of us, the whole world. The main thing in world history occurs in Jerusalem.

In the great Christ comes again Monday in Jerusalem. But now, instead of rejoicing and palm branches of Imperial triumph, his arrival is painted in dark colors. Enemies of God conceived to betray and kill him. And this Sin of God murder is already in action. Is already preparing the most black of historical acts. The symbol of this is the plot with the fig tree, which Christ meets at the entrance to Jerusalem. He was hungry, but on the fig tree, the fruit tree, it had not been for him, Creator of the whole world, and fruit to satisfy your hunger. And then Christ curses the fig tree: Yes wouldn’t be the same continue to fruit from you forever.

The church fathers interpreted this place like a curse the Jews-god-murders. Today they solemnly greeted the Savior and today are preparing him to perdition, accuse him of imaginary sins, are preparing to crucify. The Jews did not hear someone so waited for the sake of who lived and whom to believe. They have not given him fruits worthy Savior, doomed to the flour. And as the fog became infertile.

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Orthodox Easter Monday

Rarely in the Gospels Jesus meek Curses someone or something. He forgives those who worth forgiving, and those who are regarded by people forgive cost-harlots, collectors-publicans, mundanes. But the story with the fig tree and the Jews is an exception.

Fig tree cursed Christ โ€” all the same commonality that exists in our time. These are people, groups, societies, orders, organization, whole country, whose hearts are closed to the call of God. And also as Jews on the eve of Easter, not taking themselves to God, they’re looking for him to kill. Everything here is simple: who are not with God is against it. Who’s not with Christ, the one with the Antichrist. Who are not able to bring the fruits of the creator, the one in my infertility will be a source of and apologist for sin.

Today the barren fig tree is Western civilization. Unable to contact the spirit to heaven entangled in the spur-of-the-moment, and earthly. This god-murdering civilization. It is those influences, death, infertility and a curse. So Great Monday lasts until now. Christ is in our hearts. Some faithful-follow him, others, like the Jews, looking for a way to kill him. How sad the words of the Holy Great Monday. Clothes for Orthodox is their faith.

Thus, if you want to know when is Orthodox Easter Monday in 2022, calendar can show you that. In the Saturday evening before Easter already in all the temples begins the Easter service. Passion weekends Sunday night. This year the holiday will be celebrted on the 20th of April.


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