International Sculpture Day

Every year on the last Saturday of April, the world celebrates a young creative holiday – International Sculpture Day. The event was launched by the International Sculpture Center in 2015.

Sculpture is a type of fine art, the work of which has a three-dimensional shape and most often depicts a person rather than an animal. Sculpture originated in ancient times.

the purpose International Sculpture Day there is an increase in public awareness of the art of sculpture and works of this art form, drawing attention to the significance of sculptures for humanity.

Various exhibitions, demonstrations, open museums, performances, lectures, meetings with art critics, competitions, etc. are being organized until April 30.

Interesting Facts

  • The sculpture of the Little Squirrel Boy is the symbol and pride of Brussels, but the author of the creation is still unknown.
  • One of the largest sculptures in the world is the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, worth 250,000 dollars (in 1931).
  • The ancient sculpture Discobolus is the first image of a person in motion (unfortunately, the original is lost).

International Sculpture Day
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