Hermit’s Day

Hermit Day, which was introduced in the USA, is held on October 29. There is no exact information about the founder of this holiday, as well as data about the reason for choosing this particular date. Many believe that October 29 is the anniversary of St. Colman Duach, a great ascetic and hermit who is considered one of Ireland’s most significant and revered saints.

Hermits avoid communication with people, live independently and without social interaction, do not enjoy the benefits of civilization, choose isolated places for life. For some, this day is a good opportunity to retire and please the recluse in yourself. No matter how social a person is, everyone needs a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Therefore, the best way to celebrate Hermit Day is to turn off your phone and retreat to a quiet place, isolated from the world. There is no need to leave civilization forever. Often, only one day is enough for rest.

Hermit's Day
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