There is different holidays and memorable days in the world. Some of them are cheerful, but the others bring sad mood and make people remember about something, that is not very pleasant and happy but should be in peopleโ€™s memory. Such one is the World Cancer day. Cancer is a real delicate theme, because lots of people are ill with it over the Earth. Of course, modern medical treatment is advanced, and already can treat cancer, but anyway cancer sick patients need supporting, kindness and friendship. So, if we want to celebrate the day, we must know the answer to the question: โ€œWhen is World Cancer Day in 2021?โ€ Let us find it out. Reading the article, you will get answers to all questions connected with cancer and the World Cancer Day.

World Cancer Day 2017

What does represent the World Cancer Day?

The World Cancer day is a commemoration observed year after year at the same time. The International Union against cancer (UICC) proclaimed it. This international day has a goal to increase awareness about cancer as one of the most terrible diseases of modern civilization and to pay peopleโ€™s attention to the prevention and treatment of the disease. The WCD points to the challenges, which the planet faces fighting against cancer, and encourages politicians and UICC member organizations to consider cancer to be a political priority. Everybody knows, that the emergence of 43% of cancer occurring could be prevented by such rules of healthy behavior, as:

  1. Cutting smoking off, fighting against this phenomenon.
  2. Physical activity, healthy food, balanced diet.
  3. Vaccination against viruses that cause liver and cervical cancer.
  4. Avoiding prolonged sun exposure and tanning experience.
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Cancer is always a tragedy. Nevertheless, experts note that nowadays the main causes of cancer are well studied, so it gives the opportunity to prevent about a third of new cases.ย Naturally, and medicine does not stand motionless: every year the methods of fighting with cancer improve, and probably the vaccines against all kinds of this terrible disease appear very soon. However, anyway, doctors advise not to ignore prevention, not abuse addictions and live a healthy active lifestyle. In addition, of course, we should not forget that millions of people, suffering from cancer, live beside us. Moreover, they require not only great courage and willpower but our understanding, kindness, and warmth.


The history of the World Cancer Day

If we want to learn, what day World Cancer Day in 2021 occur, we have to deep into the history of the memorable day. So, welcome to the recent past.

Everything began from the fact that the World Health Organization announced that over a ten-year period (from 2005 to 2015) about 84 million people across the globe passed away because of such illness as cancer. It was necessary to take emergency measures in order to prevent these terrible things in the future. When did the World cancer day turn out and when is World Cancer Day 2021?

Since 2005, every country all over the world started to celebrate this date. The leader of the idea was the International Union fighting against this disease, which brings into families so much misery and grief.

The main goal of the World Cancer Day

Detection of cancers at early stages gives great guarantees of recovery of a person. On February 4, every year people celebrate the day devoted to fighting against different cancer illnesses. The World Health Organization strongly assists the International Union to canvass various ways to combat this dangerous disease.

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Celebrities have backed the campaign to unite against cancer

The main theme of the World Cancer Day โ€“ the measures of prevention disease and improving patientsโ€™ lives. What else the World Cancer day aims? This is:

  1. Attracting world attention.
  2. Making people know more about cancer as one of the most dreaded diseases of modern civilization.
  3. Focusing on prevention, early detection and treatment of cancer.
  4. Reminding of how dangerous and prevalent cancer is.
  5. Making people know the answer, on the question โ€œWhat is the date of World Cancer Day 2021 and other years?โ€

What is cancer?

Malignant tumors that can strike every part of a body are called cancer. There are about 100 such ailments. The characteristic sign of the cancerous disease is that abnormal cells are formed very quickly and grow over its borders and can invade nearby tissues or organs. Secondary foci are called metastases. They are the cause of most of the deaths. You can learn these data and other facts about cancer disease on the World Cancer day.

Every year the campaign goes under various mottos and slogans. For example, in Russia in 2015 a rally was called โ€œCancer is not too far from usโ€. The main goal of the event was stimulating positive advances in the treatment of cancer, informing people about favorable treatment outcomes and prevention of cancer.

We can - I can

The main causes of cancer are:

  1. Chemical carcinogens.
  2. Smoking, asbestos, water pollution, unhealthy food.
  3. Physical factors: ultraviolet and ionizing radiation.
  4. Biological carcinogens: viruses, bacteria, parasites.
  5. Infection caused by B and C hepatitis, they contribute to cervical and liver cancer.

The older a person is, the more risk of cancer he or she has. It is very important to know that nowadays there is a vaccination against the viruses listed above.

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In the World Cancer Day people can see on the streets such slogans, as: โ€œSay no smokingโ€, โ€œLetโ€™s protect children from tobaccoโ€, etc.

So, in order to remember when is World Cancer Day in 2021, calendar is not necessary for you. It is not changeable. Every year the WCD occurs at the beginning of February (February 4). This day people organize thematic conferences and seminars, health care executives meetings. They talk about serious issues of oncological diseases. In hospitals and other state institutions, they organize various exhibitions and stands containing visual agitation on the subject. All information is essentially covered in the local media: radio, TV channels, websites, and newspapers.


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