International Safe Abortion Day

In 2011, September 28 was designated as international Safe Abortion Day. This event was introduced by the World Organization for Women’s Reproductive Rights.

According to the WHO, about 25 million clandestine abortions are performed every year, which cause great harm to women’s health or even lead to fatal consequences. The ability to terminate an unwanted pregnancy is an inalienable reproductive right of every woman. That is why abortion should be legal in all countries of the world.

In 85-90% of cases of unwanted pregnancy, women choose artificial termination, which in the conditions of a medical institution passes without complications and harm to health. The use of the latest technologies and special tools recommended by doctors, consultation with specialists reduces the risk of injuries and the occurrence of infertility in women.

The safest abortion is medical termination of pregnancy, which can be performed at 6-7 weeks of conception without surgical intervention.

Unfortunately, abortion is not decriminalized in all countries today. Therefore, it is important to talk about the negative consequences that can lead to depriving women of the right to abortion.

International Safe Abortion Day
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