International Right to Know Day

International Right to Know Day was founded on September 28, 2002 in Bulgaria at a conference of public organizations specializing in the protection of freedom of information. The holiday is celebrated on this day every year. In 2015, it was confirmed by UNESCO. Ukraine was one of the founding countries of the International Right to Know Day. Canada, Liberia, Argentina, Costa Rica, and Sierra Leone also participated in the conference.

On September 28, public organizations are engaged in spreading among the population the idea of ​​the right to free access to knowledge and any public information. In 2013, the film “Open Access” was shown in the Kyiv cinema “Kinopanorama”, dedicated to the International Day of the Right to Know.

Currently, there is an organization called TsEDEM in Ukraine, which acts in the interests of protecting free information. The project was launched with the help of the international foundation “Renaissance”. The organization supports the current law on the right to free access to knowledge and helps challenge any ban on information. CEDEM also conducts trainings and online courses for activists on access to public information.

The Right to Know Day helps draw public attention to the problems of information dissemination and the importance of free access to knowledge that every person should have.

International Right to Know Day
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