International Day of the Veterinary Nurse

International Day of Veterinary Nurses is held on the second Friday of October. This is a reason to thank nurses for their work – this is the opinion of the Council of Veterinary Nurses of Australia, which was at the origin of the holiday. The Council proposed measures to celebrate the employees of veterinary clinics: “Veterinary Nurse of the Year”, “Veterinary Nurse of the Year among students.

A veterinary nurse does many things

  • Completion of documents in the clinic.
  • Preparation of the animal for treatment.
  • Caring for an animal in a medical center (she feeds, changes bandages, gives medicine, soothes, caresses an animal that misses its owner).
  • Assisting the veterinarian during surgery.

The profession of a veterinary nurse is difficult and responsible. After all, it is important to create conditions so that animals feel comfortable. Therefore, the nurse’s contribution to the health of patients is no less important than that of the veterinarian himself.

International Day of the Veterinary Nurse
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