1. Censorship
    In the United Arab Emirates, it is forbidden to use social networks, criticize the government, any member of the royal family, government officials and police officers. It is still used as a punishment in the UAE whipping, stoning and capital punishment. The most serious crimes are apostasy, drug trafficking and homosexuality.
  2. Circulation of gold
    Citizens of the country buy a lot of gold. When a man proposes to his chosen one, he must give her 5 kg of gold as a sign of his sincere love. Despite the fact that polygamy is allowed in the Emirates, extramarital affairs are punishable by law. It is also forbidden to kiss and hug your partner by the intimate parts of the body and stomach on the streets.
  3. Millionaires on salary
    Currently, the country’s population is approximately 5 million people. Of them, 59,000 are millionaires, and the average salary of a civil servant is $10,000. A payment of $50,000 is provided for the birth of a boy, and $19,000 for a wedding. This factor explains why the UAE is considered one of the richest countries in the world.
  4. An oasis country
    Until the seventies of the 20th century, the country was only a desert. But after the declaration of independence in the UAE, thanks to the competent investment of revenues from the sale of oil in the development of agriculture, tourism and industry, the state quickly gained economic prosperity. During the entire history of its existence, it has never defaulted.
  5. No matter what the child is happy about…
    Desert safari on off-road vehicles is considered the most popular entertainment. Also, local residents often organize camel races. It is interesting that the animals are controlled by robots. The same system exists in the subway, which is controlled by computers, not people.
  6. Dress code
    For transparent or too revealing clothes on the street, you can get a complaint and a warning from the police. But the law providing for this punishment does not exist now. A strict dress code must be observed when visiting mosques. Tourists who are dressed frivolously are also warned about the danger from emigrants from other Asian countries.
  7. From Israel to Qatar
    Until recently, there was a ban in the country on everything that contained the label “Made in Israel” and was associated with this state. But as relations normalized, the ban was lifted. But since 2017, relations with Qatar, on the contrary, have deteriorated. Therefore, it is forbidden by UAE law to express sympathy for this country.
  8. Don’t point a finger and sit straight!
    In the UAE, you have to point to all objects with your whole palm. Pointing, drawing attention to someone’s legs, showing your bare feet, and sitting cross-legged are considered indecent. Hold food, accept or give gifts, give and take documents or business cards only with the right hand.
  9. To prison for a photo
    There is a law in the country that prohibits publishing photos of people on the Internet without their consent. It is also not possible to photograph individual people on the street and in public places without it. Violation of this law may result in a fine or imprisonment from 6 months to 7 years.
  10. Ramadan is also for tourists
    During the holy month of Ramadan, it is forbidden to eat, drink, chew gum and smoke in public from the first rays until sunset, even for tourists. But it can be done in cafes and restaurants, when the doors are closed, and outsiders cannot see it. In Ramadan, you can’t even demonstratively swallow saliva. The punishment can be a month’s arrest or a fine of 1,000 dirhams.

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Interesting facts about the UAE


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