Day of the pharmaceutical worker of Ukraine

According to the Decree of the President of Ukraine since 1999 Day of the pharmaceutical worker of Ukraine is celebrated annually on the third Saturday of September. Today, more than 350,000 pharmacists, pharmacists and other representatives of this industry work in the country. On this day, they accept greetings and thanks from everyone who at least once in their life had to get sick and be treated. After all, thanks to the work of pharmacists in our country, it became possible to provide people with all the necessary medicines, as well as to reach the international level and become an exporter of pharmaceuticals in 25 countries of the world.

Presentations of new drugs and devices are dedicated to the holiday, with the help of which a person can maintain health, quickly establish a diagnosis and effectively fight against microorganisms that cause diseases.

Many drugstore chains offer free diagnostic procedures and discounts on popular drugs on this day.

Day of the pharmaceutical worker of Ukraine
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