Day of gossip or Day of small talk

An interesting holiday takes place every year on October 21 – Chattering Day or Chatting Day. This event belongs to the traditional October holidays, it is celebrated in most European countries and in America. In some countries, the date is called Chattering Day, in others – Chatting Day. The official name of the holiday is Babbling Day. The date is dedicated to people who talk a lot and restlessly, like small children. There is even such a concept as a blatherskite – a person who babbles.

The history of the holiday is unknown, it is not a national holiday of any state. There is an opinion that the founder is someone from Blatherskite. The holiday is celebrated in the following way: chatting with acquaintances or strangers about various things, making new acquaintances. To participate in the celebration, exchange cards with friends on social networks, send greetings to each other and organize an online or offline meeting.


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