Different nations have their own different holidays and traditions. There are so many people and so many religions, which dictate them how to behave, what to do and what they mustn’t or shouldn’t do. And it is very important for every person on the planet to know the history and traditions of other people and respect them. Without it, we won’t become those, who we want to be and won’t develop. That is why in this article we would like to talk about one of such nations and their holiday, which is very important and well-known. The speech will go about Jewish Easter, which is called Passover. We will observe the main historical events, which lead to the existence of this holiday, discuss the main traditions and know, when is Last day of Passover in 2022.

Last day of Passover

Passover: main facts and traditions of the holiday

To begin with, it will be better to discuss how it all started. The history of the holiday goes back to the early ages when Jewish people lived. At that time they were slaves of Egyptian people. Their life at that time was very difficult and unhappy, they didn’t have anything, that reminded of them like of a separate nation with its own history. After some time God sends Egyptians ten punishments to pay for their deeds. It didn’t help, but after the tenth punishment, Egyptians agreed to left their slaves. After several hundred years of slavery Jewish people finally got freedom and become a nation. And from that time they created a holiday? Passover, which symbolized their freedom and getting rid of slavery and beginning a new life.

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That is why it is very important not to mix European Easter with Passover. Though this holiday is associated with Easter and is celebrated practically at the same period of time, its roots and sense are totally different. Also, it is very important to know about it as to show respect to Jewish culture and their people. Those, who know, what is the date of Last day of Passover 2022, also show their respect to the other culture.

It was a piece of information about the history of the holidays, and now it is time to speak about its peculiarities and traditions. Jewish people have and lead their way and style of life and it is reflected in the celebrations too. Also, we will discuss, what day Last day of Passover in 2022 will be.

  • Firstly, we have discussed the history and how have the Passover been created. It is really interesting and is worth being discussed because many people haven’t ever heard about it and think that their holidays is totally similar to ours Easter and has the same roots. But Jewish Passover, what is interesting to be mentioned, as we have already said, is associated with the beginning of new life without slavery. As it is celebrated in spring, it is also time, when the new life of nature begins. It is very symbolic and has special meaning to every person.
  • Also due to some reasons, which were described above, the Passover has several names, which mostly came from the Jewish name of the holiday. It can be called, for example, Pesah. The names differ because people put special sense into it.
  • There is an interesting question – what day Last day of Passover in 2022 is? Right, there can’t be a concrete day named concerning the whole holiday. It is so because Jewish Easter is celebrated not like ours, but in another way. The whole holiday is celebrated for a whole week. But it is so if the speech is about Jerusalem. In all other cities except Jerusalem, people celebrate Passover for 8 days. What do they do for so long time? Well, not all of these days are official holidays. Officially people rest for the first and last days in Jerusalem and in all other cases – for two first and last days. The rest of the day’s people work as a usual but treat some other traditions.
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Last day of Passover 2017

  • So, now it is time to speak about another interesting fact and tradition of Passover. Everybody sure wants to know, why does this holiday last for so long and what do people do during this time. First of all, they read special prayers and visit a synagogue, which is opened longer during the holiday. It gives people opportunity to visit this place more often in holidays and at practically any time to speak with God. Also, they keep to a special fast – different from ours. Usually, people fast before holidays to get ready for it, but here people are forbidden to eat some products during the holiday. The concrete list of products is described in their saint book Tora. To be short, all bread products are totally forbidden and also chametz – products, which can leaven. It is so serious, that beforehand, in a week or so, they clean every corner of their house in order to find and throw our any even the smallest piece of these products.
  • Also, an important tradition is to gather with the family at the beginning of the holiday and in the end. People begin holiday according to the ancient rules – on the evening of the first day. Also laying the table according to special rules is an important tradition too. There must be special products and dishes, and some are forbidden. As a usual, the first and the last days of Passover forbid people to work and do some hard things.

When is Last day of Passover 2022, calendar

So, we have already discussed the history of the holiday and its traditions. Now you have understood, how it all begun and why is the holiday so long and unlike our Easter. Also now you will not mix our holidays with Passover and will not have a question about the date and why does it differ from ours.

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This year the Passover will begin on April 16th. As you may easily count, it will end in Jerusalem on April 7 and in other areas on April 17. In the first case, the first and the last days are holidays officially, and in the second case, the two last and the two first days are holidays.


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