In Chinese culture lovers there is a question: “When the Chinese New Year in 2020?”. Chinese New Year is the official holiday of those who honor the culture of China. Officially, it lasts three days – from January 25th to February 8th. Just to provide a week – 7 days of rest in the culture was laid to spend Chinese New Year Eve. These days – 2 days off and 5 weekdays.

Chinese New Year

The most significant days during this holiday – the eve of the Chinese New Year – the day before the actual holiday and holiday itself – the day of the Chinese New Year. This festival is celebrated for a whole week! And it will be as much as 7 days in 2020 the inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom for rest and mark the holiday.

What is the date of Chinese New Year 2020

In fact, the celebrations on the occasion of this holiday begins long before it starts. For example, many adherents of the older Chinese calendar celebrate it on the 8th day of the twelfth month of the year – 5th of January. Then there is another legend, according to which people are guided entirely different and celebrate the holiday 23 days of the twelfth month in the Chinese calendar – 20th January.

But the holiday has currently seven weekends – from January 25th to February 8th. So if you have some friend asks: «What day Chinese New Year in 2020″, feel free to call these dates. This holiday is traditionally all take with a sign “Fortune”, which is the main decoration of the Chinese New Year.

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But on 2th of February holidays in the Chinese culture will not end. Also, it decided to celebrate the fifteenth day of the first month – 11th of February. This festival is called the day of the Spring Festival. Traditionally, this day started pretty lights and all have been eating sweet glutinous rice balls in sweet soup.

What is the reason Chinese New Year?

Chinese New Year – not just an ordinary holiday, accompanied by music and dancing. In this holiday begins the preparation on Chinese farms. History so happened that before a large number of Chinese were farmers, so the new crop year was invented by them.

Traditionally, during the first month of the Chinese calendar is the beginning of spring, and thus the beginning of the farming activities. But the modern farmer’s cycle is not entirely suited to the old Chinese calendar – in the northern part of China’s soil is not freeze from the cold, so this festival is opened to northern China in March.

This Spring Festival is a great reason to celebrate the New Year farm agriculture. A prerequisite is a wish of good luck to all farmers in the next year’s crop yields. Now, this tradition lured and business structures that mark the beginning of a new business year.

Chinese New Year Fireworks

Travel to China on holiday

Of course, if you already have the answer to the question: «? What day Chinese New Year in 2020″, then you can safely go to China and to celebrate together with the indigenous people of this holiday. But there are several problems that can overtake you.

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The first problem – Chinese New Year rush hour. All buses, planes, trains will be available already for 2 months before the holiday. And if you want to book your tickets in some places in China, then do it for six months, until 27 January. All vehicles will be crowded, so be very careful.

The second problem – all the days of the Chinese New Year will be a little work of service centers. No shopping malls or restaurants, no enterprise or small shops will not work, so if you travel to necessarily register its way, which is going to take place in China and does not fit to the centers of services. Will work only large supermarkets and they will close much earlier than their normal working hours.

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