Christians have several important holidays, which all countries and all people celebrate all over the world. Some of them are not so important for believers, but some are really big holidays and have very special meaning. In this article, we will speak about Easter – a Christian holiday, which is observed through world’s history and goes back to the early ages. There are a lot of traditions and customs, connected with this day and we will describe them all here. Also, we will observe the history of the holiday and know, when is Easter Monday in 2022.

Easter Monday 2018

History  and detailed description of the holiday

We will begin with the history of the holiday and observe main beliefs and its background. Easter is the earliest and the most important holiday for all Christian people. It has been invented in the honor oh Christ, who is the main personage in Bible. When Christ resurrected after being dead, people started celebrating this holiday. The basic meaning of it was “life after death”. Before Christ resurrected, he wandered through the desert for 40 days, had no food and just prayed. That is why people have Lent before Easter – it is a sort of preparation before the main holiday in a year. Believers fast for 40 days before it, read special prayers and go to special divine worship in the churches to be spiritually ready to celebrate Easter. On the day of Easter itself, a person must “reborn” – it is the sense of the day. He must clean up all his thoughts and soul, be “clean” before God and himself. All these actions explain the meaning of the following words, dedicated to the Easter holiday – life after death.

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As to the question, what day Easter Monday in 2022 is – it changes every year because it depends on the finish of Lent. Actually, the concrete day is calculated very difficult, that is why people usually obey to church traditions, which always knows the day of Easter. Several times churches of different countries met together and discussed the idea to make this date fixed due to all difficulties with calculation. There are different Eastern and western traditions and how people calculate the date, also it is different in different confessions. But all these conversations became a failure and none of the agreements has been signed. By this time the calculation of the day was left the same as it was earlier.

So, let’s decide, when is Easter Monday 2022. This year it will be April 13. If you find a Christian calendar, there you can find previous days of this holiday and other holidays, connected with it and preceding it. Also there Lent will be marked and each date will be described fully.

Easter Monday

Easter traditions and customs

The whole world enjoys and celebrates Easter with joy. It is a light holiday, which is full of positive pure emotions and thoughts. By the way, it is a commemoration of the beginning of spring when everything becomes happier and better. Those, who really keep to all church traditions, may really feel like rebirth and create a new world around them personally, which is very important.

When is Easter Monday 2022, calendar will answer you? On Easter people visit churches where special prayers are read, and the day after this they have a rest. As it is a sort of family holiday, usually people stay with their close people and from the very morning prepare some food to consecrate – usually eggs and Easter cake are main dishes. After going to the church and reading prayers people consecrate their food and eat at home altogether. It is a kind of holiday after Lent when people gave away all food and recreational activities. From this very day they can do everything they want, that is why it is treated like a holiday with joy and pleasure.

After Easter, there goes Easter Monday, which is celebrated in many countries and is an official weekend for everybody. We now all know what is the date of Easter Monday 2022 – it will be April 13.


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