The family is extremely important for us all and everyone wants to have it and to spend time with its members. All countries invent different ways to support families, to develop family values and work on the wellbeing of families as much as possible. Moral values are one of the most important things, because of not all modern people, especially teenagers, understand, what is a family and which things are important. Values die with time and our duty is to save it all as long as possible. In all countries, there are holidays, which are dedicated to family. An example can be Canada, about which we will talk in today’s article. People there celebrate Louis Riel Day once a year. Here we will know what does this day mean and when is Louis Riel Day in 2020.

International Louis Riel Day

The topic of family is a very important ad at the same time very interesting and modern at all the times. It was actual thousand of years ago and it is actual now and it will be the same in future. That’s a pity, but people don’t know the most important things about the family itself and do not know what to do with it all and how to build a good and strong family. That is why is evokes the need to create some problems and holidays, which will show people, what is really important in their lives.

Canadian family holiday

Once upon a time a Canadian politician signed an act, in which he announced about a new holiday for Metis families in a province. Later the holiday got his name and people started celebrated it every year. By the end of this article, we will know, what day Louis Riel Day in 2020 is.

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Well, it is better to start with how did it holiday begin. It may seem strange, but it is not an old one, but it is celebrated only for several years, beginning with 2007. It was born in a small Canadian province, called Manitoba. It was a province, where Metis people lived ad Louis Riel was their leader and fought for their rights. And the holiday was called like that not by himself, but by people, among which the voting has been made.

Though the life of this political figure is not so clear and not all things are understandable. From the very beginning he was the leader of Metis people, but later a chain of sad events happened to him. Firstly, he was isolated and treated like a criminal in his country. That is why he had to hide and live for many years in the United States. Secondly and finally he was condemned in political crimes and finally he was executed. There are many mysterious and strange moments in his life, but we won’t talk about them anymore and will go closer to the holiday, named in his honor and will discuss also, when is Louis Riel Day 2020.

It is wrong to say that this holiday is celebrated everywhere. But it exists and well-treated in many areas in Canada. In these areas, except Manitoba and other Metis provinces, it is celebrated in November. In such a way people want to commemorate the execution of Louis as at that time it was its anniversary. And the meaning of the holiday means paying attention and saving the culture and traditions of Metis people as aboriginals. Moreover, in other areas this holiday is celebrated at the end of winter and it is really helpful for people because it takes place between the New Year and Passover when there is no more holidays and possibility for people to have rest.

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Traditions of the holiday

So, as we have already told, the holiday takes place at the end of winter. In such a way people have the opportunity not only to spend time with their families but have a rest and to do some winter sports altogether. In Manitoba, this day is really important for each Metis family.

Louis Riel Day

What is the date of Louis Riel Day 2020? It has been chosen from the very beginning the third Monday of February (February 17). That is why every year the date changes. For example, this year it will be on the February 17, unlike previous years. Also, as it has been already mentioned, it is an official holiday not in all cities, but provinces like Manitoba made it an official holiday. What does it give people? Well, mostly all people have rest from work, so as schoolchildren because schools are closed. Also, the timetable of transport and some shops are made like at the weekends. As it is Monday, people have three days to have rest. And it means that mane families can go on a small trip or resort and have fun together.

It is really great that some people try to save their culture and make the world know about their nation. It is very important to know, among which people do we live and how do they live, to accept everybody as equal and live in peace with each other. That’s a pity, but many of us start to forget about our roots and about other important things. So, let’s support each other together.

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Now you know a lot about such a holiday and if you would like to know more or to know, when is Louis Riel Day in 2020, the calendar will tell you.


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