If you need to know when is National Tartan Day in 2018, you can find this information it this article about celebration of the most famous National symbol of Scotland. National symbols of Scotland are flags, icons, as well as cultural events that reflect the spirit of Scotland and its culture. A well-known in the world, but it is the unofficial symbol of Scotland is Bagpipesm, national musical instrument.

A thistle is the floral emblem of Scotland. The symbol is widely used in Scottish and British heraldry, logos, as well as on British coins. But the tartan celebration is large and nationwide. It is not enough to know what day National Tartan Day in 2018, but exactly how this vestival goes and why? Tartan plaid used for coloring of construction for kilts, and may symbolize a certain clan, as well as the area or organization. Every clan tartan is different.

National Tartan Day 2018

Historical features

The day when is National Tartan Day 2018 has historically been defined many centuries ago. Tartan Day is celebrated annually on the day of signing Arbroath Declaration. From this day begins the story of Scottish independence. Struggle for independence of Scotland from Great Britain received the long-awaited result in 1320. Scottish Declaration of sovereignty was based on the history of the country. In addition, the people elected their own leader, who all want to see on the throne as the King of Scots.

In the Middle Ages people’s approach to political issues is quite original, more inherent in modernity. The Declaration document stated the right of the people of Scotland to independence. It is the principle of national sovereignty. Sovereignty of the people (democracy) is the doctrine, according to which the people of the state is seen as the only legal and legitimate carrier of sovereignty. That is, a single nation, not the king and other rulers and conquerors, was perceived as a source of state sovereignty.

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Thus, the feast, celebrated today, recalls this socio-political memorial for the entire planet. After all, this approach for political change of this country played an important role in the formation of national consciousness not only the Scottish people. The world could not be the same after that day. We can not deny a huge impact on public opinion in England. And so the history of many countries of Western Europe received the influence of the development of social thought, which had its roots in Scotland, as we see. And today, like a snowball, the power of peoples to be sovereign is gaining momentum.

National Tartan Day Parade

Of course methods of reconquest of independence and veracity, the effectiveness of democracy are worth discussion and criticism, but this is another topic. It is necessary to draw a conclusion about the impact of democracy on the thinking of whole nations and the impact on the history of mankind. Now you can easily guess from which document was taken on the basis of the American Declaration of Independence.

What is a tartan?

Scottish kilts always have a tartan pattern. Tartan is a pattern formed by twill weave. Threads in advance painted in different colors. As a result, the checkered pattern is formed. It consists of horizontal and vertical stripes, rectangular areas (filled with diagonal stripes).

In the Scottish Tartans World Register there are more than 3000 species of pattern, new modern types are no longer registered there. Another register (Scottish Register of Tartans) already had more than 6,000 species of tartans as of the year 2010. In the last register, registration of the new bright tartans continues. The general rule is that both warp and weft have to repeat the same sequence of colors. That is always a diagonal line, about which the pattern is symmetrical, which should be there. Why not create your unique tartan for your family?

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National Tartan Day

In addition to the various regional divisions, primarily Canada’s provinces have regional tartans. They are officially recognized and registered. Scottish settlers began to continue this tradition in the lands of Canada since 1956. The first province was Nova Scotia.The most recent province to get its own unique tartan was in 2000 (it was Ontario). As one country Canada has a tartan which covers all provinces.


  • St. Petersburg in 2011 became the first Russian city, which received its own tartan. Design and color Russian tartan symbolizes the history and culture of the city and the palette of Petersburg-Scottish relations. Petersburg tartan was developed in the course of a contest. And the ornamental design, recognized as the best, was inscribed in the register of Scottish Tartans Authority.

What is the date of National Tartan Day 2018 on different continents? There is one day in all countries (USA, Canada, Scotland) to celebrate this. It is April 6. The descendants of the Scots around the whole world know this holiday. They come from different parts of the world to Scotland to show celebration to their children. This is a special day for people of Scottish descent and people of free spirit.

How to celebrate?

You may not remember when is National Tartan Day in 2018, calendar April 6 and you will not miss this festive day. In major cities around the world Scottish music is playing, you can often see parades of people in Scottish kilts (you can visit the largest of them in New York City). Concerts could inspire you to study dancing which originated in the Scottish Highlands. Many social and charity events are assigned on this day.

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For every gourmet this is an occasion to taste the food and drink, traditional for Scotland. Local Scottish cuisine emerged from the culinary traditions of the Celtic peoples. It is based on ancient Scottish agricultural tradition, family recipes and national modes of production (salting, smoking). Scottish cuisine is not only fish and chips, but Shortbread, Irn-Bru (Scottish soft drink) and the legendary Scotch whiskey. Scots eat quite diverse. Local thick hearty soups and broths have a huge variety of ingredients. A hungry man will like Haggis – a traditional Scottish dish (made from Scottish style ground oatmeal).

  • You know what sport did originated in Scotland? Golf originated during the 15th century. If you have not played golf in your life, it’s time to start.
  • The other sport originated in Scotland is only played in winter or indoors on ice. It is the fascinating game of curling with heavy rocks that have handles on them. This is also played in a number of countries all around the world and even it was added to be in the Winter Olympic Games!


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