World toilet day

Every year on November 19, a very unusual and extraordinary event is celebrated – World Toilet Day. It all started with an international conference in Singapore in 2001, where more than 200 delegates from different countries gathered to discuss toilet issues. As a result, it was decided to create the World Toilet Organization, which took the initiative to introduce the holiday.

By the way, Singapore was chosen as the venue for the conference for a reason: the country is extremely careful about the cleanliness of its own toilets. So, the first celebration of World Toilet Day took place on November 19, 2002. Since 2013, Toilet Day has been an international and official UN day.

What is the purpose of this day? The main mission is overcoming the global sanitary crisis. World Toilet Day should stimulate humanity to create sanitary conditions for everyone, inform, involve in certain actions to eliminate this problem.

Interesting Facts

  • Scientists have calculated that, on average, a person spends about three years of his life visiting the toilet. This is approximately 2,500 times a year, an average of 6-8 times a day.
  • More than half of humanity does not have access to high-quality and safe sanitary facilities. For example, in Afghanistan, only 9% of the population has a toilet.
  • Toilet paper was first produced by an English company in 1880. The product then did not have the form of rolls, but was presented in the form of a box with separate sheets. After 10 years, the Scott Paper brand developed paper in classic rolls.
  • The Pentagon uses about 636 rolls of toilet paper per day.
  • In Europe of the Middle Ages, toilets in castles were separate compartments protruding from the tower. Dirt just fell on the ground. Then the effluents were diverted along the rivulets for the river or the fortress moat. Such a waste place was characterized by an unpleasant smell and unsanitary conditions.
  • The first toilet was designed in 1837 by a locksmith from Great Britain, Thomas Krepper. And the device received its name “toilet” in 1909, after the company Unitas (Spain) began to manufacture products on an industrial scale. In 1915, toilets were equipped with a siphon type drain tank.
  • Every year, the world buys 2.4 billion dollars worth of toilet paper. However, only 30% of the world’s population use it. White paper is traditionally in demand, but in France, rolls of glamorous pink color are preferred.

World toilet day
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