World scar day

On October 24, such an unusual holiday as the day of the scar is celebrated. The founders of this day believe that this valuable product is not given the attention it deserves, and are trying to restore its popularity.

The rumen is one of the stomach sections of ruminants. Dishes from it are present in many national cuisines. Delicious soups are made from it, fried with wine, cheese and greens, cold snacks are made from it.

Tripe dishes were popularized by the famous English official Samuel Pips, who vividly described them in his diary. On October 24, 1662, he recounted the pleasure he received from a wonderful dish of tripe during his dinner with his wife.

Celebrating this holiday is very simple. It is enough to buy tripe, find an interesting recipe, cook it and invite guests. For many, the existence of this day will be a surprise, but it can become an interesting and good tradition.

World scar day
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