International Blogger Day

What day is it?

If we consider blogging (keeping a personal diary) as a profession, then International Blogger Day can be called a professional holiday. International Blogger Day, also known as InWeDay, is celebrated on June 14 every year. This unofficial holiday was created to unite bloggers from all over the world and promote blogging as a way of self-expression and dialogue with people from different countries and continents.

A blog is an online diary that regularly publishes new posts with text and media content. Tim Burnes-Lee, who also created the Internet, is considered the first blogger. Bernes-Lee has been posting on his website since 1992. A little later, in 1999, the Blogger online platform for creating and maintaining online diaries began to function. The service was free and allowed anyone without programming knowledge to become a blogger.

How did the idea of ​​celebrating International Blogger Day come about?

In 2004, bloggers, that is, those people who kept personal online diaries, decided to unite around their holiday, which was called International Blogger Day. The decision was confirmed by more than 500 supporters of blogging from more than 40 countries of the world.

The first celebration took place in 2004. Then bloggers from different parts of the world made entries in their personal diaries about the introduction of International Blogger Day. The tradition of making posts on the topic of this holiday has survived to this day. This is how authors of online diaries report solidarity between bloggers.

Development of blogging in the world

Not so long ago, keeping an online diary was not an easy task. Today, a blog is not just a collection of information about yourself, it is a means to promote a name, brand, product or service. Popular blogs bring their successful authors considerable earnings. Video bloggers who keep their diaries on YouTube video hosting earn a lot. The largest annual earnings of one of the single bloggers exceeded 5 million dollars.

Today’s blogs are not just small personal diaries, but huge online publications that are a strong competitor to traditional mass media.

Where did the name “blogger” come from?

In the dictionary of the American company Merriam-Webster, the word “blog” is defined as follows: “This is a site where the author expresses his views, talks about his activities and shares his experience.” And in 2004, this term was recognized as the word of the year.

A blog is also commonly called a web page, online diary, weblog, etc. However, the very word “blog” quickly took root in the vocabulary of Internet users. However, the term is still undergoing its evolution. Modern bloggers can use different platforms to keep their online diaries. A blog can have text, photo and video formats. Therefore, there is no general format and rules for what a modern blog should be.

Everyone who is interested in blogging has come across such a term as “blogosphere” more than once on the Internet. This word was first used in September 1999 by the famous American publicist Brad Graham. It is interesting that he said this word as a joke, but over time it became a term that is still often used to describe the phenomenon of blogging as such.

The first blogs in the blogosphere

The exact date when blogging became a well-known phenomenon, actually does not exist. However, its development can be traced, and it dates back to the first half of the nineties. Today, you won’t find an Internet diary that was started back then, because the ranking of blogs has changed a lot, and archives are missing.

The first bloggers – these are the people who immediately understood that the Internet is the future. Just such a person was Justin Hall, who in 1994 created his simple diary dedicated to the topic of html layout. This is the man the York Times calls the founding father of personal online diaries. Later, another definition of a blog appeared – “web log”. That is how the author of the Robot Wisdom resource named his diary.

At the peak of development

In the early 2000s, more and more blogs began to appear on the World Wide Web, as well as special platforms for their creation. and LiveJournal (Live Journal) were launched in 1999 as the first services on which you could post your personal online journals. Thanks to these platforms, the popularity of blogging has started to skyrocket.

1999 was also marked by the creation of the first publication with video content, and 4 years later another term appeared – “vlog”, which meant “video blog”. Video blogs immediately gained insane popularity, which is still supported today.

In August 2002, Google AdSense appeared – a service that allowed to advertise goods and services on thematic blogs. Well-known companies began to advertise their products on blogs, text and video reviews of products were often conducted. Thanks to the contextual advertising offered by the Google AdSense service, authors could monetize their blogs. Thus, simply keeping a diary offered good earnings.

Blogging today

In 2003, new blogging services began to work, the most popular of which is WordPress. The number of bloggers and the weblogs they started was growing every day. Political blogs gained particular popularity, and the authors of online publications began to be called nothing but cyberjournalists.

In August 2003, a blogging platform was launched in the form of a Myspace social network. You could also listen to well-known audio recordings on the site. Myspace maintained high popularity indicators until 2008, which was marked by the peak of Facebook’s development. Today, Myspace ranks 2000th in terms of popularity in the world.

Gradually, the boundaries between the mass media and the blogosphere began to blur, and bloggers became representatives of the media, as their reviews received mass views from the Internet community.

Today the field of blogging continues to develop, and International Blogger Day will be relevant as long as the Internet exists.

The most popular bloggers

Famous bloggers, whose posts are read by hundreds of thousands of Internet users, are public people. They are interested in them, they are photographed, and the photos are placed on the covers of popular publications. Blogging is not only an interesting and popular activity, it brings good earnings. We provide information about the most popular and influential bloggers in the world.

Seth Godin – runs a business diary dedicated to marketing and modern technologies, world bestsellers on these topics have been written by him.

Paul Staines (Guido Fox) – the author of a blog on political topics, his publications are quite popular among ordinary Internet users and readers of his blog, which is confirmed by a huge number of comments.

Brian Lobig is an American blogger and business coach who publishes up-to-date advice on successful online business.

Edison Ten – devoted his blog to the description of new models of gadgets. The popularity of his posts is best evidenced by the income of the blogger, and it is not small – 80,000 American dollars every month.

Gina Trapani – the author of the blog about life hacks – She shares useful household tips.

International blogger day in history

  • 1999
    The Blogger online platform for creating and maintaining online diaries began to function.
  • 2003
    New blogging services have been created, the most popular of which is WordPress.
  • 2003
    Launched a blogging platform in the form of a Myspace social network.
  • 2004
    The International Blogger Day has started.
  • 2008
    The peak of Facebook development

How to celebrate International Blogger Day?

In addition to posts in their diaries about the holiday, which is a must for every blogger, the authors of online diaries organize live meetings, where they conduct discussions and conversations with colleagues, like-minded people, etc.

Ukrainian bloggers also celebrate this holiday, they gather offline, discuss current topics, and share their experiences. In 2022, the 15th anniversary of the holiday will be celebrated.

When will we celebrate International Blogger Day?

Year Date Weekday
2021 June 14 Monday
2022 June 14 Tuesday
2023 June 14 Wednesday
2024 June 14 Friday
2025 June 14 Saturday

International Blogger Day


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