When is International Homeless Animals Day in 2024? Can you answer this question? As a rule, the people always hesitate with a reply. The problem of homeless animals is quite typical all around the planet. But only a few men and women know about the existence of this special occasion in the contemporary calendar. Today we are going to represent this essential holiday to all our followers.


Talking about the matter what day Homeless Animals Day in 2024, we can’t but mention the historical background of this event. As a rule the most part of our followers is happy to know something interesting about the past of various events as well as about their establishers and the reasons of the appearance.

World Day of Homeless Animals is considered to be a relatively young holiday. Initially it was established in 1992. And since then the occasion is kept in the definite circles on the third Saturday in August.

Since then, as a man began to domesticate the animal world, it became clear that there were creatures animals that are better left in their natural wild environment. Well, and vice versa, some representatives of the animal world have so merged into the human world that they became an integral part of the habitat.

It would seem that all the main points were set and the boundaries were defined. The man boldly took responsibility and established the rules that allowed to successfully manage the household, and the pets harmoniously complemented the picture. Unfortunately, the problem was launched as well.

Homeless animals began to appear almost immediately and that was due to completely natural reasons. Somewhere they lost their masters, somewhere they were lost by the owners themselves, somewhere they were simply thrown away as unnecessary, always remaining faithful to this, no longer alien to them, human environment.

When this became a problem, no one even remembers, but a man, led by most completely humane considerations, has tried to solve it for many centuries.


What does Homeless Animals Day mean? As you perhaps understand we can’t even predict your attitude to this special occasion. We don’t know you personally and in the modern world all points of view are admissible. There are a lot of people, who are sure that there are no any problems with this direction. And vice versa you can meet a lot of those men and women, who are ready to organize huge campaigns and try to do everything possible in order to improve the existing matter.

In most cases, they try to solve this problem at the local level. To date, this method has established itself as the most effective. As a rule, activists and all sorts of volunteer organizations try to find a new home for the animals, develop a sufficiently loyal public attitude towards these involuntary wanderers, supporting them with their kindness and elementary care. It is not difficult and many of us are familiar with this kind of relationship.


The question “When is International Homeless Animals Day 2024?” is much more interesting than it may seem at the first sight. It involves a lot of amazing pieces of information.

At the very beginning we would like to mention that among the homeless animals, there is a large percentage of those lost and thrown away by humans. An un-sterilized animal can leave offspring, thereby increasing the number of stray animals.

Cats and dogs living on the street are in constant danger: they can die from cold, lack of normal nutrition, various kinds of disease, under the wheels of transport, from collisions with other animals, from human bullying. This special occasion appears in order to draw the public attention to all these problems.

On this day, a lot of people from all over the world visit shelters for homeless animals. Various kinds of voluntary organizations conduct educational and charitable events in support of animals, living without owners.

Well, as it has been already mentioned above the problem is not new. People have been trying to solve it for many centuries. Thus, in 1695, the world’s first shelter for stray dogs appeared in Japan. It happened near the city of Edo, which is known as Tokyo, the capital city of the country, today. Following the documents, it contained 50 thousand animals.

Then, in the 1880s, shelters for stray animals appeared in the United States and Great Britain, and in the early 20th century in Australia.

By the way, we can’t but mention that about 200 years ago, in 1822, Britain passed the first law to protect animals from cruelty.


When is Homeless Animals Day in 2024, calendar will surely remind you. As a rule, there are no any problems with its memorizing. However, you should be rather careful if you are going to be involved.

As it has been already mentioned above the occasion doesn’t have a fixed date of its celebration. It changes from year to year. It is kept on the third Saturday in August, so in 2024 it is on August 21th, but the next year it will be a bit different.

Homeless Animal Day is a reason to talk about the existing problems. In fact, there are a lot of them and they need immediate reaction. There is no time to wait. Volunteers, employees of shelters and veterinary clinics conduct various activities. First of all, these are promotions to find new owners. They can be held on the basis of shelters as an open day, or volunteers rent a special room where anyone can choose a new friend.

Charity concerts and auctions are organized to raise funds to help the shelters.

Animal rights activists are also striving to reduce the number of homeless animals through sterilization, because uncontrolled reproduction leads to an increase in their number. Some veterinary clinics join the campaign and conduct free sterilization of stray cats and dogs on this day.

Also, activists are conducting educational work with pet owners so that they approach the issue of keeping a pet more responsibly.

International Homeless Animals Day Facts

The question “What is the date of Homeless Animals Day in 2024?” is not as easy as it may seem at the first sight.

Nowadays there are a lot of people who try to improve the situation all around the planet. Many corresponding laws have already adopted.

According to them, it is forbidden to keep wild animals at home, contact zoos must be closed, and drugs that can harm their health must not be used to animals participating in circuses and other cultural and entertainment events. Homeless animals must undergo sterilization, vaccination, receive a permanent tag, and only after that they are returned to their habitats.

The question has some other amazing details. For example, not all people know to deal with homeless animals. Today we are going to give you some recommendations.

First of all, the animal must be taken to the veterinary clinic, even if it has no visible damage. If the pet is microchipped, the clinic will help you contact the owner.

The second step is to shelter the animal or find somewhere to give it up for overexposure: among relatives and friends or in thematic communities.

Next, try to find the owners: post ads in the area, publish posts in thematic groups, talk to neighbors and janitors. If the owner does not respond, the pet will have to look for a new family.

The fifth rule is to become a loving friend for the found pet. Following the representatives of the Foundation for the Protection of Urban Animals, the indifference of each of us can reduce the number of homeless animals and give them loving owners.


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