World Day of Responsible Tourism

World Day of Responsible Tourism celebrated on June 1 since 2006. Each year is devoted to a particular problem that requires immediate intervention by the global community, such as poaching.

Rules of responsible tourism

World Responsible Day tourism has its own “Golden” rule – you need to treat others the way you want to be treated. To do this, visitors must cooperate with local residents. More and more tourists set themselves the goal of understanding the culture of local residents. After all, the place they want to visit is home for others.

The Cape Town Declaration of 2002 states that responsible tourism minimizes negative social and environmental impacts, increases host welfare and improves service in the tourism industry. Tourism should take into account the cultural features of the area, which will contribute to the emergence of local residents’ confidence and pride in their homeland.

The more responsibly people treat their travels, the more pleasant impressions they will have. Also responsible tourism is the creation of travel conditions for people with disabilities.

World Day of Responsible Tourism
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