Charlie Chaplin Day

April 16 is celebrated annually Charlie Chaplin Daybecause it was on this day in 1889 that the legendary actor and director, a classic of silent cinema, was born.

Charlie Chaplin is considered a touching talented artist who mastered acting even without words. Chaplin belongs to the list of the most successful comedians, because he ingeniously combined humor with tragedy. The actor quickly and forever fell in love with the audience, people notice his sincerity and kindness. Charlie Chaplin was awarded an Oscar three times.

Interesting facts about Charlie Chaplin

  • He was a shulga.
  • Loved boxing and tango.
  • He had blue eyes.
  • The actor has 12 children.
  • Chaplin was married 4 times.

April 16 is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the work of Charlie Chaplin and devote this day to watching his films.

Excerpt from the movie “New Times” with sound. Charlie Chaplin sings.

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