Theater. What does this word mean for you? Itโ€™s one of the most interesting or even mysterious words throughout the world. It raises the most wonderful thoughts and feelings. Theatre is a sphere which helps people feel free and relaxed. It gives festive and joyful atmosphere. Itโ€™s an event that makes people happy and merry. Sometimes it makes somebody cry and sympathize heroes. Even those individuals, who donโ€™t have much time to visit any theatre, can follow any program of the following cultural establishment during the certain dates. When is World Theater Day in 2020?


The observance was initiated by the International Theater Institute. That first event was held in 1961. The first occasion was strictly set on the 27th of March. This observance is supported worldwide by many international cultural organizations every year. In 1962 J.Cocteau started a new tradition which is still supported during this observance. He wrote the first International Message which reflected his thoughts concerning culture and peace.

The observance was really important to be set. The impact of the art canโ€™t be overvalued. It impacts on people of different spheres and social layers. It was obligatory to represent the history of the theater, to evaluate its role in the peopleโ€™s lives.

Theater masks

The start of that cultural festival took place many centuries ago. Ancient Greeks originated the kind of theatre in Athens. It was a part of cultural life of Old Greeks. They made performances of lots of reasons. Such performances included symposia, weddings and funerals. It also included sport events, such as athletic and gymnastic contests. Religious and governmental observances also were a part of cultural life in Old Greece.

The Old Greeks were the creators of theatrical architecture and dramatic criticism. Unlike modern professional theatrical companies, the first troupes were semiprofessional and even amateur. They performed satyr plays and comedies, tragedies and dramas.

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Old Greek performances were held in hillsides where more than 10 thousand people could seat. They were devoted to a ritual of honouring Dionysus. Besides, stages were complicated at that time as they had scenes, dressing rooms and dancing floors. Old Greeks implemented good acoustic into their theaters. One of the distinctive features in the Greek theatre was usage of masks. The facts about the Greek theatrical culture can be got during the International holiday. Itโ€™s necessary to know what day National Theater Day can be set. Itโ€™s on the 27th of March.

The next step of the developing of the theatric process took place during the Roman Empire. Performances ranged from acrobatic trick to nude dancing. Street theater was also very popular. The Romans held festivals and holidays making lots of performances. All these events coexisted with staging tragedies and comedies. The historians of this kind of art admit the huge impact of Hellenization on the content and quality of poetry for theater.

Indian theatrical traditions supposedly started in the 1st century BC. โ€œA Treatise on Theatreโ€ is considered the source of the Indian theatrical tradition. It describes many layers of this art in the country. It concerned even its architecture, organization of groups and costuming. The actors of those times were priests. They entertained and educated people through the performances.

Later theatrical traditions included many forms and kinds. Street troupes were also very popular in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. The 1800s are thought to be the time of rapid development of new theatric genres. During the 1900s the development of the system continued. When is International Theater Day 2020? Itโ€™s on the 27th of March.

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What does Theater Day mean? This occasion has a great cultural value. It gives the chance to become closer to the artistic sphere. It lets people to understand the deepest spheres of life. This genre of art attracts our society in different ways. Lots of cultural establishments propose a great program that suits the most delicate cultural tastes.

This observance has got a great popularity. The annual International Message is interpreted into the majority of languages. Itโ€™s printed in thousands of newspapers and journals. Radio or TV channels broadcast many programs devoted to the theaterโ€™s history and its genres.

This event has a great educating impact on the youth. Children have the opportunity to make acquaintance with the most interesting performances. They feel the wonderful atmosphere of drama and comedy. This observance promotes theatre among millions of people. Local theatrical communities have a opportunity to promote themselves among local people and tourists. What is the date of World Theater Day? Itโ€™s on the 27th of March.


The term is internationally known. Itโ€™s defined as an establishment where performances are staged. It can be a building and an outdoor area. It also can mean the corresponding profession or activity. Another definition of the word is a room where thereโ€™re tiers of seats. Itโ€™s also an area where some events can happen. This term is very old. It derives from the Old Greek term that meant โ€œbeholdingโ€.

The observance is very clear to nations due to the internationally known central word. Every country has got such word or a similar term. So, the name of the holiday canโ€™t be doubtful to the society.

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Theaterical play


The best way to observe the holiday of this kind of art is to attend one of the local theaters. There are usually many different performances. Dramas, comedies, tragedies, musical and puppet performances are staged throughout the world.

Many communities propose street theatrical festivals, amateur and professional, to attract crowds of people to the event. The occasion is a great time to make a costumed party or even to represent any play that is worth being staged.

Schools and universities eagerly follow theatrical tradition. They make interesting performances that are traditionally shown to parents and friends. Itโ€™s high time to notice the dramatic talents of children. They put on costumes and play on stage with great pleasure. When is Theater Day in 2020, calendar of events is on official sites. The major observance is set on the 27th of March.

One of the ways to observe the tradition is to make a small stage at home and follow the event. A family can choose their favourite play and make a real show. Children are to be involved. Besides, it would be great if every member of a family could choose a play and explain his or her choice.

National Theater Day Facts

  • Can anybody die laughing? Mrs Fitzherbert did so watching opera in 1782.
  • Charlotte Charke was the first female to play Hamlet.
  • What is common between the goat song and tragedy? The first phrase is the origin of the second term. Old Greeks were the creator of the word.
  • Aristotle insisted on the highest importance of a plot.
  • Two ghosts are always welcome to the Palace Theatre. There are always two free seats for them.
  • The first US theatre was built in 1716 in Virginia.
  • Until 1576 playhouses hadnโ€™t been constructed yet. Thus, troupes used to travel from place to place.


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