We are emotional creations who need love and attention. St. Valentine’s Day is a special day for all lovers. But who knows if you are not in love with anyone, you have your own holiday? February 15th is the answer to a question when is National Singles Awareness Day in 2020.  Exactly the next day all singles can make a party. For instance in Italy is accepted to celebrate with no less scope than on February 15.

Some people do not need to have a soul mate to feel full in the community. In society there are people for whom index of happiness doesn’t depend on having a partner. February fifteenth proclaims to the world that there is nothing amiss with being single. In opposition to well-known misinterpretations, Singles Awareness Day isn’t about self-centeredness but instead an opportunity to declare you are single and it isn’t a problem for you to be so.


Truth be told, the information about the source of the date is truly strange. To start with, there are no official records of the date or even the littlest mentions on the sites committed to the specification of all conceivable occasions on this planet. It is indistinct when and by whom the occasion was imagined, however the most widespread mention of the term can be found on Luceo Magazine posted on February sixteenth, 2002. The writer Aimee Monique Hale suggested that Valentine’s Day ought to be renamed to “Singles’ Awareness Day” in festivity of single hood.

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As question about when is International Singles Awareness Day 2020 was already discussed, let’s move to another legend of emergence this holiday. Well, another story is about a student from Ohio State University who had no friends by the age of eighteen. He was motivated to have a friendship with someone who has the same interests. Thus, he found out to create a holiday dedicated to his state and loneliness. He created a meeting website and many people began looking for a soul mate. A month later, thousands of people were involved into the system and the student found a girl who had no friends as well. They began chatting and it led to a relationship between them. They married in 3 months, and thus the holiday was conceived.

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Let’s sum up with the question of what does National Singles Awareness Day mean. Obviously, that for many people, this day plays big role. In the world, such type of community prevails for whom holidays constitute a significant part of life, people who are looking for a reason to note something. Actually, this holiday still carries a social meaning. People do not feel that they are infringed in rights, but feel fully and equitably. For a person in the modern world, this is an important component. The S.A.D. acronym recommends that singles are presumably discouraged on Valentine’s Day, yet singles out there know they needn’t bother with a huge other to “finish” them — their lives are magnificent with or without an accomplice. There are huge amounts of points of interest to being single, from sparing cash that would typically be spent on date evenings to having all the leisure. The purpose of creation of S.A.D. was to give singles a chance to have festivities, social gatherings, to trade blessings with their single companions. The appreciation day was set up by single individuals who were quite recently tired of getting a handle on left on Valentine’s Day, and support of the day is developing each year.


The Day of the Lonely was created so that people could get together and have fun, despite the fact that they do not have a couple. Many people gather to celebrate the festival as a protest against the commercialization of Valentine’s Day, and some simply go to demonstrate that one can be happy without a romantic relationship. Many on this day wear green or black clothes: green is the color opposite to the red, traditionally associated with the Day of Lovers, and black symbolizes the absence of color. The exact date of the Day alone is not: someone marks it in one day with Valentine’s Day, and someone prefers to celebrate the next day. In some countries, there are holidays similar to the Day of the Single. So, in China on November 11, they celebrate the Day of Bachelors, and in South Korea on April 14 – the Black Day.

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Put a mark in the calendar when is Singles Awareness Day in 2020 to stay trendy and support lonely people!


It’s an engaging event to celebrate being single, to confer to single friends, to send each extraordinary shows or even to buy yourself a couple of roses. In 2017, many individuals wear green, as it is the corresponding inverse of red. Another mainstream alternative is a non-appearance of shading (dark), to symbolize a nonattendance of festivity. As conclusion, it is appropriate to summarize all traditions of this day. So, the main one is to support the day by social media. Post videos and photos using the #SAD2020 hashtag to probably find your couple and spend time with pleasure. Don’t be aware of communication as you have to overcome your fear and just begin a dialogue. Secondly, many events are held yearly to help people avoid loneliness and feel full. It helps you spend good time and get a lot of emotions. But in case if you don’t want to make any changes in your private life, the reason is you are absolutely satisfied to be alone and to be depended only on yourself. The majority of lonely people usually have a supper in one of their favorite restaurants, buy tickets to another country, go to SPA or something which can create festive mood and atmosphere. 

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International Singles Awareness Day Facts

  • After conducting a social survey, it was found out that about five percent of people are going to give themselves flowers or symbolical gifts.
  • It was proven scientifically that lonely people are more prone to suicide.
  • Loneliness can affect the human brain like physical pain.
  • It is believed that more than 40% of us at some point in our lives have experienced the torments of loneliness.
  • Loneliness lowers immunity. American scientists have explored the relationship between a sense of loneliness and the quality of vaccinations. Even a few weeks of loneliness was enough to affect the college freshman’s immune system and reduce the effectiveness of the response to seasonal flu vaccinations, compared to students who did not feel alone.
  • In 2017, S.A.D. was held all around the world and New York beat all the records. About 20.000 people gathered in 1 spot and almost half of them found a couple. This fact was the largest among the history of the day.
  • Approximately 80% of lonely Americans know when is Singles Awareness Day in 2020.

To sum up, we should be communicative as it is one of the main necessities of our existence and it helps us to feel full. However, in case you don’t have a couple – it is not a problem in our modern world, as it can happen any day and you will be happy with the choice. We should choose right people we are easy-to-talk with and they must give a feedback to us as well. Do not convince yourself that you do not need a close person; this is our need, why should we resist it?


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