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🎗When is World Suicide Prevention Day 2022

“To be or not to be, that is the question”. Did you recognize the famous Shakespeare’s winged phrase, did not you? While his main character Hamlet hesitates on the choice to make, what decisions to take, everyone also starts thinking about his own life position. When the existence starts, people have not but to survive all its successive periods and enjoy each of them: birth, childhood, mother and father, grandpa and grandpa, nursery, school, first love, education, development, high school, first love, college, relationships, love, marriage, husband or wife, family, children, work, career, house, maturity, grandchildren, and the decline of living. All memories, feelings, thought, hopes and problems always follow this lifetime, it may be sometimes happy and joyful, sometimes huge dark clouds cover the sky after another shining day begins and so on and so forth – that is a true vivacity. It is always a big challenge, self-improvement, smile and difficulty but everything is passing on. Whereas it stops… suddenly and quickly… there is neither “to be” nor “not to be”… So, what is it? A choice? A destiny? An escape? A desire or an imprudence?

Nowadays, the problem of suicides is very urgent all over the world. So, let us try to attract people’ attention on when is World Suicide Prevention Day in 2022, because the crime itself is one of the most dangerous actions in humans’ life.

World Suicide Prevention Day

The meaning of the holiday

What does World Suicide Prevention Day mean for Americans? Frankly speaking, the point of discussion is acutely poignant. Does there exist a more important thing that life? – No, it does not. The vitality is the unique gift we are given freely and we do not have to pay for. One just can thank God and parents. Still, one have no right to forget that the number of self-killers increases day by day all around the globe. Statistics tell there is almost one million self-destructions annually. Imagine the fact that every hour somebody somewhere is taking his or her life out. That is the reason why all Earth inhabitants must be aware of the whole volume of the malefactions. An essential task in the present time is to alert the crime and to save those who are preparing to go away. It is primary to make them sure they are needed here and that their life would not begin again, that they are committing big damage for them and for society. In our time, a self-immolation is taking more death that wars and cancer together.

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Consequently, all universal groups and organizations reunite on September 10th and declare to all when is International Suicide Prevention Day in 2022. They do it in the memory of and the anticipation of self-destruction. The Universe is securing those men and women who bear their terrible thoughts in their heads. It prays them not to do it, to think about the positive side of existence. This moment is a great chance to stop them, to persuade in the opposite decision, to help and protect the freedom and life itself. Nobody can be indifferent to world’s losses.

The history of the commemoration

The scientific analysis shows the advancing quantity of self-killers. The amount is extending every day. In China, for example, mostly young citizens aged from 17 to 35 years old commit the misdeed. Immature criminals are observed in many European countries. The top-four lands in the Europe that beat a record of self-killing cases are Russia, Lithuania, Belarus, and Slovenia. Moreover, not only adolescents end the ties with life but adults and old population finishes their lives killing themselves. On the other hand, the number of suicides is not very high in some Muslim states where the population lives and profess their faith.

Global USA institutions and world leaders evaluating the given facts chose September 10th in the universal calendar and proclaimed the date when is National Suicide Prevention Day in 2022 to become the very moment of reflection on uniqueness and price of existing.

The occasion has many aims to achieve that are as follows:

  • To assure some useful information about self-murders in the world and to underline that it is the biggest evil people could perform.
  • To stress on that fact the lifetime is one of the most precious treasures. No one has right to take someone’s existing and killing oneself is committing the worst action
  • To teach human beings who have already tried the act of suicide how to get through it and to follow a happy and plentiful vivacity
  • To compassion and to support those inhabitants who lost their family members, share all the pain and sadness
  • To intercept the self-destruction giving many reasons that everyone has to follow the existence and to enjoy it
  • To provide the assistance of psychologists, sociologists and the Church in resolving the enigma of self-immolation
  • To set up seminars, conferences, open air discussion and events which will accentuate on the problem
  • To invite people to share their troubles, feelings, and thoughts in order to help them become more opened for fighting the suicide in its germ
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Now, everyone apprehends what is the date of National Suicide Prevention Day in 2022 and why it is urgent to maintain every individuality from self-killing.

The definition

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights assures that the living is the first and obligatory freedom of every human. Its’ predominating legacy spreads on all Universe members. That is why suicide remains the worst act against the humanity.

World Suicide Prevention Day
Religion, state, and science consider a self-immolation from different criteria but their behavior is the same — it is to prohibit the criminal act and to save the life.

Scientists claim there are many reasons influencing the choice to end up with existence:

  • poverty
  • profound sadness
  • difficult position in the world
  • non-comprehension
  • crisis in the internal sphere of living
  • problems and troubles

One used to think that adolescents commit self-demolition the most frequently. They cannot deal with the growing-up organism, with all changes occurred to them. Teenagers want to attract attention to their young personality and decide to kill themselves but these kids forget that the vitality, once taken, will never come back again.

Nevertheless, psychologists signalize that old, mature women and men more and more often today refuse to continue the lifetime on the Earth. Even the most powerful and successful ones end up with the vivacity. Nobody can explain why but the truth remains obvious. Modern science has to study all the factors of risk and give some instructions and resolutions to follow. It is the cause to reunite all professionals in a hard fight against the suicide.

What are World Suicide Prevention Day facts and traditions?

The NSPD is not really a holiday or a happy feast. How can citizens honor the time? First of all, it is not a joyful anniversary so take away from all funny events this day. Remember that some people are missing their relatives and friends, they are upset and depressed. If you find a memorial celebration in your city, do not hesitate and do not miss the chance to visit it. Bring a candle and light it in memory of the dead, say some compassion words or take part in a mess.

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Meanwhile, one must not forget that existing continues and the best way to overcome the sadness is to bring some happiness to the chagrined ones. Gather your friends and tell them what day is World Suicide Prevention Day in 2022 but convince them all is not ending. Organize a small quiet party of life without loud music but in the joyful atmosphere. You need not to set up big festivals but stay smiling and enthusiastic because living never ends. Inspire all by your good mood, celebrate the vivacity. Your presence in the Universe is not eventual, you are the most precious with all feelings, thoughts, aspirations and troubles. Do not lose the chance to live a long and plentiful life.

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