International Day of Social Business

June 28 – International Day of Social Business. The purpose of its holding was to draw the attention of government officials and other people to the problems that still remain in society. Social entrepreneurship run organizations whose activities are aimed at creating fair relationships in society, that is, those that change our world for the better: organizing meals for the homeless, exchanging books/clothes, etc., making ecological energy from waste, creating jobs.

International Day of Social Business in History

This date is dedicated to the birthday of Mohammad Yunus, who became the founder of microfinancing and microcredit, and in 2006 was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his significant contribution to the economic and social development of society.

The first celebration took place in 2010 in the city of Dhaka (Bangladesh) at the Sonargaon Hotel. In addition to the discussion of problems, an exhibition was held at which the products of social enterprises were offered.

The main event of the forum was the presentation of the social business logo developed by Mohammad Yunus and his book on the development of the industry.

The importance of the International Day of Social Business

Thanks to drawing attention to this field, modern officially registered social enterprises have the opportunity to count on priority state support.

International Day of Social Business

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